Why It’s Better To Choose A Freelance Graphic Designer To Design Your Logo

Are you looking to have a professional logo designed for your brand? You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a graphic designer to do the job. Although there are many fantastic design agencies out there, you might actually find it more beneficial to have your logo designed by a freelance graphic designer and here we will explain why.

 Why It's Better To Choose A Freelance Graphic Designer To Design Your Logo

Work with a freelance graphic designer and benefit from one on one communication.

Personalised Service

Choose a freelance graphic designer to create your company logo and you will benefit from a more personalised service. When you work with a big design company you are likely to have little interaction with the graphic designer, instead conversing with a project manager. By choosing a freelance designer, you will benefit from one on one communication and have the opportunity to work closely with them. This is more likely to result in them designing your logo perfectly first time round, making for a swifter and more seamless design process.

Why It's Better To Choose A Freelance Graphic Designer To Design Your Logo

Several freelance graphic designers function from home, allowing them to charge less for their services, as they do not have office rent and overheads to account for.


You are much more likely to protect money, while investing in a logo of the higher standards by choosing to hire a freelance graphic designer. Unlike big design companies, freelance graphic designers do not have many overheads to account for and therefore are able to price their services more affordably.

Quicker Design Process

Although you may assume that a design company would be able to complete your logo quicker than a freelancer as they have more members of staff, it’s likely to be the other way round. Design companies are likely to have more clients and therefore more projects to complete, so they may not be able to start your logo straight away.

The great thing about working a freelancer is that you will be dealing directly with them. There won’t be any delays in communication that can hold up the design process. Many freelancers also work out of hours to meet the needs of their clients, so their turn around times are likely to be much quicker.

What you see is what you get

When vetting freelancers, you can have the peace of mind that the work in their portfolios is completely their own and that your logo will be of the same style and standard. The same cannot be said for design agencies that are likely to feature multiple designers, of which any could be assigned to your project.

Yours design is more crucial to a freelancer

Although those working at design agencies will argue that your project is equally as necessary to them, if you imagine about it, freelancers depend on their projects to earn a living. If they can’t get work or do not satisfy their customers they will not get paid, whereas a designer for an agency will still receive their wage no matter what.

Many design agencies use freelancers anyway

Did you know that many design agencies outsource their logo design work to freelancers anyway? If they haven’t stated that they have in-house designers on their website, it is likely that they outsource. So really by going with one of these design agencies you will be paying a lot more to have a freelance designer create your logo than it would cost you to work directly with the freelancer. Something to think about!


Although the choice is ultimately up to you, if you want to save yourself money, benefit from direct communication and enjoy a personalised design service, you will find it much more advantageous to choose a freelance graphic designer to create your company logo. There are so many fantastic freelance graphic designers out there so you are sure to find one that is capable of delivering the professional quality logo your brand requires.