Which Are The Top Social Networks That Is Used For Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has become a burning issue that is affecting many school goers and teenagers nowadays. Social media websites are playing a big role in making the teens and pre-teens victim of this disastrous issue. One of the ways to prevent it is to learn about the major social media websites that serve as a platform for it and limit its use.

What All Actions Come Under Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying is characterized by a different set of actions. These are:


Use of inappropriate comments or vulgar language intended to fight with a person.


When a person repeatedly sends hurtful, false, inappropriate, and hateful messages, then it comes under harassment


When you disclose the secrets of a person on a public platform such as social media websites.


Sometimes when a person intentionally excludes another person from a group and tortures him, then it is termed as exclusion. This is another way of experiencing cyber bullying.


If you pose to a person in a way to damage their reputation or to attack them, then it is called impersonation. It also happens when you share some real information about them which they would not have liked it.


Following someone and giving them targeted messages to scare, or harm them.

To know more signs of cyber bullying, go to website that gives a lot of information on this issue.

Which Social Media Websites Forms Basis for Online Attacks?

There are mainly three websites which are majorly used to harm the reputation of a person and defame their character.


There are a lot of cases seen on Facebook that gives the evidence of cyber bullying. Due to this reason, there has been a decline in the population of teens on this social media platform. People have noticed that a lot of young population make derogatory remarks and comments on Facebook.

Many times, these comments target the photo of that person. People also have a lot of craze to upload their photos on this website in the hope of getting positive ego-boosting comments. When the reverse happens, it causes a severe blow to their self-esteem.


This is again a post uploading and sharing platform where users post their photo with intent to get high ratings, likes and positive comments. Sometimes by not setting their account to private, these photos get exposed to people with malicious intention and cause severe destruction.


This is one more website where one gets negative and positive comments on their uploads and posts. When your ratio of negative to positive comments is high, it somewhere leads to disappointment. Some people who sign up on this website do not use their real name. They create a completely anonymous account and use it as a means to bully others without any fear of getting caught.


Cyberbullying is spreading like an epidemic. Some of the social media websites are acting as the breeding ground for it to flourish. Learning about them and restricting its use would help in keeping you safe from it.