Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

Social networking sites, and instant messaging apps, both need to be used with carefulness, and always be given an little extra amount of attention. For they are a lot more than mere texts. The chats have everything, from photos, to personal data, and bank account numbers. You can’t act naive while handling such data. Taking the safety measures for privacy for granted is the last thing you would want to do to yourself. Such a behaviour will only make you more vulnerable to mishaps!

Well, now that we have given you such a lecture about being careful with such data, we need to provide you with precautions and measures to work in sync with the same too!

Everybody knows about the 800 million user mark that whatsaap achieved this time, with over billions of messages exchanged per month and too many of the Whatsapp Status Update. Having reached such numbers, WhatsApp has also provided security measures, but there surley is a need to have some at a personal level as well.

Some Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

So, here’s a set of tips you should have a look at. After reading, you will surely not mind incorporating these into your daily usage scheme.

1. WhatsApp Lock :

This is one very basic, and finest of all the measures you could comply with. WhatsApp does not provide you with such an option, but you always have the google play store to incorporate third party apps for such purposes. A pin code, or a pattern lock, anything might work perfectly fine. So,when you loose your phone, or something like that, you always have a safety measure ready on your phone for such an instant. Though, If you are using the Samsung Galaxy Devices like Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6, you need to look out different options for Pop-up notifications. The way goes round.

2) Block WhatsApp Photos from Appearing in Photoroll :

You surely share personal stuff via your whatsaap which means that your pictures and videos are kind of vulnerable. However, you can surely prevent any mishap by just being a little careful. Everytime you share pictures with your better half, you surely dont want them to be up for public display!

Preventing your photos from being spammed is pretty much easy on an iPhone. You begin with the phone’s Settings menu, followed by the ‘Privacy’, ‘Photos’, and then deselect WhatsApp from being listed under the pictures which are to appear in your photostream.

However, for the android users uts a little of a task. With the help of a file explore app, you first look up for the images and videos filder of WhatsApp. Next you are supposed to create a file, namely ‘.nomedia’. With this name, the gallery will no longer scan this folder. Also, if you put a lock on these pictures, you give another layer of protection to your pictures and videos.

3) Hide ‘last seen’:

Nobody really wants themselves to be tracked by users or even friends for that matter. Hiding your last seen is one of the best way to keep stalkers away. Scammers dont ever leave any kind of information if they have a chance to have a look at it. It might very much be you dint want the people in your contact to look at the last seen, ir whether or not you’re online. You cant really shove off people telling that you’re working on your phone, because your last seen would revel it all. Therefore, in order to hide your last seen, all you do is go to WhatsApp’s ‘Profile’; ‘Privacy’ menu, in Android, and choose the Hide last seen’ option. But then with pros comes cons, along with hiding your own last seen, you end up making others invisible as well.

4) Restrict Access to Profile Picture :

Well, the pictures you’ve put on facebook, twitter, and  LinkedIn, may be you will find it on the company’s website as well. And once you talk to any random person on whatsaap, he or she gets access to your display picture as well. To prevent anyone from looking you up, you got to restrict your profile picture to Contacts only’, from the privacy menu.

5) Watch Out for Scams :

WhatsApp wont ever be the one to contact you via any forum, and neither does it send you emails about chats, voice messages, payment, changes, photos, or videos, only until you are the one asking for that. Anything which asks you to visit some site, or tells you to subscribe to some offer, it surely is a scam.

6) Deactivate WhatsApp if you Lose your Phone :

Obviously phone being lost is one big blunder, so the first thing you do is deactivate your WhatsApp. This would prevent letting your profile being spammed, or being hacked. Along with this you should also get your sim card locked. So there’s a lot of carefulness you need to adhere while such a situations comes your way.

7) Remember to Log Out of WhatsApp Web :

Of course all of you know about the whatsaap web. Make sure once you are done working on the laptop or computer, you log out.  Letting your colleagues read your chat, or even friends and family, isn’t really what you want. Be aware!

So that’s all about it! Apply all these, and be precautious!