What To Look For In A Digital Marketing Firm

Running a business in the 21st century is, in many ways, more difficult than it’s ever been. However, in many ways, it’s easier than it’s ever been. The rise of social media and internet content has created a more democratised system that allows many different people to voice their opinions and express ideas. There is no size or influence requirement needed to create a hashtag that goes viral and changes the national news cycle. A business can see its entire market share change literally overnight if the right post hits the right platforms at the right time. In the same sense, you could see your entire business bottom out if the wrong person posts something at the wrong time. So, in those ways, it is somewhat the best of times and the worst of times. You can be constantly connected to your potential customers and to the world.

Because of the increasing influence and rising complexity of internet platforms, it is increasingly difficult for any one person to handle all of it. In fact, it’s difficult for any one firm to handle all of these needs. This resulted in many different niche industries popping up to serve individual aspects of 21st-century business needs. This was generally referred to as fragmentation. Fragmentation helped to create incredibly complex and advanced internet content and products; however, businesses began to suffer because of it.

How Fragmentation Hurts Businesses

Fragmentation creates a climate in which businesses have to hire four or five different companies just to create a robust online operation. They have to hire one company to design their web page. They have to hire another company to handle their digital marketing. They have to hire another company to design their social media platforms and handle their marketing there. That doesn’t even include the companies they are hiring to help put out the proverbial fires that occur on the internet and social media. The number of companies hired means that you have to pay each one of them separately; many of them have baseline fees or minimum fees that they charge. So, you could be paying these minimum fees several times to several different companies. All of the companies have to coordinate as well, so they have to all work together. If your digital marketing firm doesn’t understand the vision of the web design firm, they won’t be able to fully implement a marketing strategy that works for you.

How to Solve This

Hiring a firm that integrates web design, marketing, analytics, and social media is the only way to solve these problems. A company that does full-service ecommerce in Auckland can create an online presence and optimise your business prospects. These companies start with a blank slate or your existing website. They write the code to design your new website. They craft your online presences and maintain them as well. Maintaining your online presence means that they study analytics which show the number of viewers, viewer habits, commentary, and so on. They can know everything about your business, from how people are getting to your site to what they think of it.