Transforming World, Transforming Technology

Tim Berners Lee is a person who invented a secure transaction protocol with the help of TCP-IP protocol. This helped people to use their credit and debit card safely without letting anyone access their personal information. Slowly and steadily by the year of 2000, internet started being used up more and more and gained hike. By the year 2014, 37.5% of the total population is using the internet. “Getting online” is now the latest trend in the market. Anyone who needs anything visits an online store. What if there is online food available? Eh? Sounds funny yeah? But what if the technology provides you the same? Wouldn’t you be happy? People would be more than happy rather. They can get the most out of it if they use it real well. With the amazing offers available, the customers may get real happy. One may think that the online process is pretty difficult but it isn’t. It is simple as just few simple taps on the screen of your phone. Install it, complete the registration process and the application is all yours.

Advantages of online food ordering system over a traditional system:

  • It cuts off the telecommunication costs since you need not call every time you want to place an order.
  • The online systems maintain a track history whereas the traditional system doesn’t.
  • There are no offers on the meals in the traditional system whereas this online system provides various offers and discounts which attracts the customers.
  • The menu on the screens are updated and aren’t tedious at all. The update in the rates of the restaurant causes the menu on the screens also to update.
  • You get an estimated time of when the food will be delivered to you.


Establishing TinyOwl Company wasn’t too easy. Rather be it any venture, it is not easy to establish because you have to begin right from something raw. Though the name suggests it’s tiny, but the idea is huge like the never ending sea. The co-founder HarshvardhanMandad thought why not come up with something creative which will bring a transformation in India? They wanted to connect to the audience directly. But they weren’t up with any idea out there. He formed a team of the IIT alumni who left their job and joined in his venture and let his dream come true. So as it’s truly said that team work makes the task simpler and integrated. All came up with new ideas and everyone started discussing and presenting their idea. Well, one of the ideas was that of an online food order system. They wanted to bring a mobile application since it is very much portable. And that is one of the ways to reach the audience directly. So after the market research they concluded to do the implementation on android and iOS. Once they were all set with the idea, they approached various restaurants requesting them to accept the deal and provide the delivery service to the customers. The entrepreneurs had no other option than giving them a positive answer since it was all their profit.

How was your Experience?

“This is the very second application I am providing a feedback for an application. Its hard not to leave a feedback for such an amazing application. Whenever I want to have some delicious food, tinyowl always helped me order the best food from the best restaurant. Since it is a location based application, it was a difficult for me to travel somewhere around and then get some food. Say my friends place or so. I could simply order the food of my choice and have the fun of consuming it. Even my friends loved the taste of the food ordered for them. So they asked from where do I order such amazing food. I showed them my phone and they started laughing but then I proved them that I ordered just because of the order history tracked. They immediately wanted me to share the application and so did I. They first tested the application on my phone initially and then they shared it on their phone. Thank You tinyowl”