Top Web Design Trends Expected To Ride High Throughout 2017

Each year the web design industry experiences drastic changes in terms of trends and consumer preferences.Several top designs that emerged in 2016 took the center stage in the digital marketing industry and are expected to carry the same momentum through this year and beyond too.

Given the increasing shift in acquiring top web designs in order to attract a large traffic and spread brand awareness, company are looking to revamp their websites that would reflect the nature of their business in the purest sense. So what are the trends any top website design company needs to be aware of that would help them in staying ahead of their rivals and fabricate out-of-the-box solutions for their clients?

  1. VR and 360º video

Even though the announcement of the inception of virtual reality (VR) solutions created an immense excitement in the gadgets industry, but the trend has not lived up to the mark in web designs until now. Take the case of Peugeot 208’s promo campaign, it indicates the inclusion of VR and 360º video features that results in amazing and creative web designs.

Google’s Daydream VR headset along with the gadgets on PlayStation, HTC, and Microsoft are conceptualized with ideas beyond normal thinking that are bound to come into our daily life use. With the trend showing a plethora of opportunity for web designers, the efforts to create breathtaking interfaces are only going to continue this year and in future.

  1. Card design and grid layouts

Initially brought forward by Pinterest, card design layouts are influencing web designs quite extensively and it is highly expected to witness more of this dynamic grid approach throughout 2017. The simplicity, flexibility, responsiveness, and the overall aesthetic appeal of card design is what makes them so popular in the web design industry. While grid layout is best used for pages that contain a large amount of data and makes content more accessible and attractive.

Some popular examples of Vice, Tumblr, etc. are present to display an enjoyable experience in terms of content readability and overall organization. With the card layout trend going strong, so will be the current and future web designs in different industries.

  1. AI-driven bots and conversational interfaces

In the visualization aspect, it is unlikely bots are going to promise big impact on web designs, rather they will greatly influence the thoughts and tactics of designers when it comes to creating web pages. AI-bots are only going to turn more realistic and complex than ever, helping enterprises to automate their business correspondences and sales. Messaging app like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. provides businesses the opportunity to connect with their target audience and assist them in customized customer support and ecommerce. Given the trend, enhancement in conversational interfaces is highly sought that would encourage successful brands to express their offerings in a creative and engaging manner.

Realizing the need, the improvement in conversational interfaces and AI-powered bots is all directed for a more personalized and supportive experience for the user.

  1. Top-notch authentic photography

Stock photography is no more in the game now. The approach negatively affects the web design and even the image of the business. With the rising trend of authentic photographywebsites glaring enough, now acquiring high-quality images has never been easier. Hence, the route is to be followed in web design industry as well.

Statistics have evidently shown that images showcasing real people are considered more attractive and trustworthy to the incoming traffic. Today visitors are more tempted to visit websites that contain natural people depicting real-life moments.