The Top Print Design Tips From Freelance Graphic Designers

Whilst the web is full of advertisements, many brands still find it beneficial to advertise to their customers using traditional print media. There are many benefits of using print media to advertise a business, however it is important to remember that print advertising doesn’t come cheap, so you need to ensure you create an effect design that will captivate your audience and encourage them to complete the call to action.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve shared some of the top print design tips from freelance graphic designers.

Consistency is Important

The first tip to creating effective print designs is to keep it consistent with your company branding. If you cannot relate the print advertisement back to your brand or it doesn’t share the same company message, your audience are going to struggle to engage with it.

Whilst this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to re-create your online advertisements in printed form, it does mean you need to ensure that your design conforms to your business branding and the values you stand for.

The Top Print Design Tips From Freelance Graphic Designers

Use empty space to let your content breathe.

Embrace Empty Space

When creating a print design, a common mistake businesses make is thinking they need to fill every inch of space with something. The problem with this is that it can make a printed advertisement look cluttered and make it difficult for your audience to pick up the message you are trying to deliver.

Freelance graphic designers encourage brands to embrace empty space. Blank space around important content will give your text chance to breathe and help your graphic designs stand out more.

Image is Everything

The best way to create an effective print design for your advertisement is to use a bold image and get the message across in as few words as possible. Hiring a freelance graphic designer to create a bold image for your print design is highly recommended, as it is your image that will stick in people’s heads.

In terms of text, people aren’t going to want to stand there and read through paragraphs and paragraphs of information. You need to get to the point and can always use smaller illustrations alongside the text to keep people engaged.

 The Top Print Design Tips From Freelance Graphic Designers

Your graphics, font and colour choices will all have an impact on your target audience.

Know Your Target Market

Last but not least, it is recommended that you get to know as much as you can about your target audience, before you decide to create a printed advertisement for them. Getting to know who they are what they do and what they like will go a long way in helping you to create an effective and engaging print design.

Everything from the style of the image you use, to the colours of your text can have an impact on your target audience, so you need to make sure it leaves them with a good impression of your brand and encourages them to complete the call to action, whatever it is.


When it comes to creating a printed advertisement for your brand, it’s not as simple as slapping on your logo and writing a few paragraphs of text. If you want it to create the right impression on your customers, you need to think carefully about the print design and use these tips to guide you.

It’s also important to remember that there is no shame in outsourcing print design to a graphic designer (such as – you can’t be good at everything after all! It may be worth utilising their advanced design skills and expertise to create a more effective print ad that will provide you with the return on investment you require.