The Samsung Galaxy Note 4: King of Smartphones

This fall in the mobile industry an important event occurred. The most popular Phablet the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 of South Korean brand went on sale. The new product is cool in every way; you can fall in love at first sight. Big screen, attention to detail and excellent ergonomics design like the look to any user, and the high performance and rich features of the smartphone, including support for the work of the stylus, the final results will blow your mind and captured the hearts of fans of modern technology.

The main drawback of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the high price, but for the pleasure you have to pay. Nothing can be done.

Design and Ergonomics

On the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 developers of South Korean company halted the trend of increasing the size of the display, which is meticulously found in the previous three models of the line. Diagonal of the display is measuring same 5.7-inch, like in Galaxy Note 3 the smartphone predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4- Display

The quality of Note 4 display has changed for the better, the size is somewhat deteriorated. Thus, the thickness of the device, which logically should have been reduced, and now equals to 8.5 millimeters. It is 0.2 mm larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Note 4Samsung Galaxy Note 4 shell thickness

Display resolution changed. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has become more elongated as compared to previous models. The width and height Note 4 is 78.6 and 153.5 mm, respectively. Device also weighs a little more smartphone precursor (only 8 grams) – 176 grams.

Galaxy Note series has always been the most expensive and prestigious in the Samsung. In addition to high-quality technical stuffing, the hallmark of its devices is particularly refined design.

It is also worth noting that Samsung became the first to use soft-touch finish with imitation leather instead of the standard plastic. As a result, design of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 embodies all the most original features of the Asian brand of portable devices.

However, drastic changes in the appearance of the smartphone have not suffered. The main difference in Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a combination of different materials. Recall that the body of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was made entirely of plastic of various types. Metal for the first time in their devices, Samsung has used in other models this year – Galaxy Advance (also nice gadget). This innovation has been implemented in the smart phone Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It was graceful with the edging of this metal. But in the third model line Galaxy Note skeleton was stylized chrome-plated metal, but it was made of plastic.

Side faces of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have a slight bevel. The back cover is made of strong plastic and is covered with a nice touch soft tachem with stylized skin. Texture of the material is larger than previous models. In addition, there is no decorative sewing line.

With the new design and flawless performance Galaxy Note 4 stands out and next level of performance and design is expected from the next launch Galaxy Note 6.