The Power of Social Media for Small Business

You can only make a name for yourself in your industry if you build a brand. Your brand is all about representing yourself, your business, and the products and services you offer. Your brand is your image. Fortunately, the development of social media has given us all the opportunity to connect with likeminded people or our targeted groups. You’ll need a content strategy and a small amount of time on a daily basis. Everywhere you want to succeed, there needs to be proper planning and foresight. The following are great tips on exploiting the power of social media for your business.

1. Knowledge sharing is effective

Use social media as a method to show your capability. One of the main ways to achieve this is by answering others questions. Invest some time at places like LinkedIn’s Q & A section. When you see a question asked about your niche area, where you have knowledge, you should answer it. By sharing your understanding and know-how with people in the form of answering their questions you can connect with your target group efficiently.


2. It’s important to be social on social media!

With social media you need to be social. Strangely, the social aspect is too often ignored. Being social over these platforms is the most important skill any business owner must learn, in order to carry out any type of social media campaign. You are supposed to interact with the people in your network and show your personality, which gives others a reason to understand you.  Don’t share every inch of your personal life with them, but share the things, which can help others in order to create your ideal brand image.

3. The ultimate resource for information

Use social media to find people’s opinions on the current trends within your market. For instance, carry out a survey to see how your new product is doing on the market.  Or find out what your followers have to say about your current offers. In this way, you can get a complete view of opinions about your target market and improve your offers. Therefore, you don’t have to guess what your target market wants from you. Social media gives you a platform to know these things from your audience.

4. Follow your brand on the net

To build a relationship with your potential clients you must address their concerns and issues. You need to frequently research what people are saying about your brand and at the same time focus on answering the concerns and questions of your clients. Selling your products or services shouldn’t be all that’s important to you.  You should address your clients’ questions as soon as possible in a professional manner. Take the opportunity to portray a positive image to your potential clients especially on those who have some concerns.

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5. Make your presence felt

The biggest impact you can have on your readers and potential clients is made by sharing your knowledge. Adopting the educational and informative strategy can influence your target group. If your readers like what you post, they are more likely to share with their friends. This will really help you in getting noticed.


6. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most powerful tools to communicate with your target market. By having your own blog, you can build your credibility among your readers. If you have loads of information in the form of tip, news, views and tricks to share with people, it’s a great idea to start your own blog or become a guest author for an established blog. You as an expert in your niche would certainly help your brand to improve in the market by blogging.  You can also write about any recent experience you may have had which might have improved your qualification or skill.  For example, I knew a gas safety engineer who wrote a highly amusing tale about the day he attended a gas safety course.  It wasn’t promotional in any way, but it retained the reader’s interest by being hilarious and yet conveyed the subliminal message that he was a man who was staying on top of his profession with constant improvement.

7. Share good news about your brand

Share your brands achievements and milestones. If you have any news about your brand including any awards, recognitions, contests, or product reviews you must share them with your followers!

8. Network! Network! Network!

The moment you start using social media for networking, you should engage your connections and network offline as well.  Visiting any networking event related to your area would be a great idea. You could call your connections and express your desire to get to know them. If you stay close, you can meet up with your contact for a coffee or a lunch. If you travel to other areas, you need to let your connections know that you are visiting their area. Then you might be able to get together while you’re close by. Social media can only be effective if you move beyond the online world and into the real world of networking.

9. Social media posts are irreversible

There’s no do-over. The moment you post something online, even if you delete it instantly, many active users over the various social media platforms would learn what you said or shared. It is very important to think carefully about what it is you are going to say over the social media and the correct way of saying it. It takes a long time to build your brand and just a few seconds to destroy everything.

10. Unleash the power of social media

When you are on social media allow people to message you directly, rather than getting things via any other complex channel. If there is any barrier in between, you will mar the purpose of social media. So unless you are a known person like a celebrity or politician, you should avoid all sorts of barriers in your social media accounts and make yourself as accessible as possible.  Also make sure all of your business contacts are listed, including address and phone numbers, in case people prefer to contact you by traditional means.  It seems simplistic, but it’s so very basic that it’s often forgotten.  And nobody is going to find your office space in Peterborough if you don’t tell them exactly where it is!

By following the tips above, you can easily exploit social media platforms for your small business. These ideas should help you use the power of social media to develop your brand by engaging your potential clients, monitoring quality and connecting people.