The Future Of App Store Optimization (ASO)

With the marketplace for mobile apps constantly evolving, app developers must find ways of standing out from the crowd. ASO, or App Store optimization, refers to the complex process of getting an app found by qualified potential users. A leader in ASO, Gummicube has the proprietary technologies and experiential data needed to help app entrepreneurs stay on top of all the latest developments. Here are some of the big trends affecting the future of App Store optimization:

Increased Competition

According to a recent article in app developer magazine, the App Store receives more than 700 new app submissions every day. In light of the growing competition, apps are constantly jockeying in position, and developers must continuously optimize their app listings to stay relevant. Selecting the right keywords—and incorporating them into your descriptions and title tags—will help ensure your app doesn’t get buried among the competition.

Explore Tab

One of the many changes affecting App Store Optimization is the development of a new explore tab. Not only does this feature allow users to see app categories in a scrolling view, but it also lets developers position their new products in more specific subcategories. To take advantage of this new trend, mobile app developers should take care when choosing their categories. When in doubt, check out which categories your closest competitors are using and make your own selection accordingly. If more than one category is appropriate for your app, consider using the one with lower competition to boost overall exposure for your product.

App Videos

With so many apps available for download, developers only have a few precious seconds to gain someone’s attention. A long-time staple of Google Play listings, video is now a crucial component of marketing your apps in the App Store as well. Not only do videos help catch users’ eyes, but they also allow people to check out your product’s platform before you buy. If your app sales are lagging, consider creating a 45 to 60-second demo to spur interest and, hopefully, downloads for your product.

Let Gummicube Handle Your App Store Optimization

An authority in app store optimization, Gummicube uses its proprietary technologies, coupled with exclusive data gathered from thousands of mobile app campaigns, to identify the best keywords for your product. You can rest assured knowing Gummicube will keep abreast of all the new developments occurring in ASO so your app doesn’t get left in the dust. Check out our blog for more tips on optimizing your app or contact us to set up a consultation.