The Effective Methods To Find The Best Mobile Application Testing Service Providers

The Effective Methods To Find The Best Mobile Application Testing Service Providers

The use of mobile phones has led to the development of mobile version of websites. Due to this reason the need for mobile application testing service provider is a must for a business. Mobile version of software can have some blind spots and bad assumptions left in it.

A mobile application tester helps in checking each and every aspect of a mobile software app to notice any single fault that can appear in the working of the software. To perform the evaluation, there is a list of checks that are performed on different areas of a software. There are a few tips that would greatly help a company to find the best tester for the work.

What types of services are provided by a mobile application testing service provider?

Mobile testing services include testing services for several different latest technological gadgets such as tablets, smart phones, PDAs, e-readers, notebook, etc. With the emergence of different advancing technologies, testing for mobile applications made of different OS like iOS and Android has become a huge challenge.

What abilities does a software tester needs to have to perform testing?

A tester has to have expert domain knowledge and conduct specialized tests to test applications on these upcoming devices and variety of platforms on which they are built. The services of good tester should have to overcome functional defects, poor experience, and below-desired level performance of website. Right mobile software tester can ensure short time to market and optimize cost. Some other attributes that you can expect from their services are:

  • Consolidation and standardization of a process
  • Quick set up of mobile testing lab onshore as well as offshore
  • Quick and convenient access to latest technology enabled devices for testing
  • Thoroughly-tested output and resultant products

Features of a mobile application testing service

Provider of mobile application testing assists in identifying the correct approach to deal with different performance testing requirements. These companies offer an in-depth level of security analysis, which is supported by comprehensive dashboards and reports with remedial measures.

Testing companies are having deep-expertise in performing mobile application testing, that offer services for web applications, software products, mobile applications, and web services on the cloud as well as on the premise. These companies provide comprehensive compatibility mobile testing services on a variety of OS, browsers, servers, databases, different versions, hardware, display resolutions and configurations.

Some of the different types of testing conducted by them are –

  • Pre-Development Testing
  • Paper prototype testing
  • Testing Competitor’s mobile applications
  • Establishing up a Timeline for Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Basic Wireframes Testing
  • Third-party testing
  • Comprehensive Design Overview
  • Pre-release Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Operating System Versions Testing
  • Categorical Devices Testing
  • User interface Testing
  • Screen Orientation Testing
  • Testing of functionality of touchscreen
  • Button functionality testing
  • Application functionality testing
  • Load testing
  • Social integration testing
  • Security Testing


With the introduction of smartphones, the trend of viewing websites on it has increased considerably. Finding an ideal testing provider can seem to be a daunting procedure. Implementing these tips would make this task simpler and get you the best testing professional for your needs.