The Best Web Design Tips To Attract More Traffic

The Best Web Design Tips To Attract More Traffic

The design of your website has a major impact on the amount of traffic you get. If your website design is not visually appealing and too difficult to navigate, visitors will not be very keen to stay on your website for long. Good web designers look at tried and tested designs and then improve them in subtle ways. Remember, it is always wise to go for the tried and tested route on the internet. The design of your website also has a major impact on the optimisation of your page. Here are just a few things that you need to keep in mind when designing your website.

  1. A Beautiful Logo on the Top Left

The design of your website should speak about what your company is all about. It is also a way of marketing and branding your website. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is put a polished logo on the top left-hand side of your page. The logo is generally considered to be the main part of your brand. As a result, it needs to be located in a very prominent position on your website. You should spend a considerable amount of time developing the logo, thinking about colours, shapes and what it says about your brand.

  1. Clear Fonts

Nobody likes reading large patches of text in Comic Sans MS. Using the right font is crucial for the overall design of your website. However, there’s no point in using a bland font such as Times New Roman. When talking to a web design expert, always ask them to use a font that’s clear, but looks good too. Using a sharp, clear font is very important, especially if you are running a blog. Your readers should not have to squint in order to read the text.

  1. The Right Colours

Using the right colours on your website is also very important. Ideally, the colours on your website should be similar to the colours on your logo. However, make sure that you don’t use sharper colours. Nobody likes looking at a website with a background that’s a sharp red shade. There’s a reason why many of the most popular websites use light colours like blue and white. These colours don’t cause a lot of strain on the eyes. Many companies that offer web design in Auckland offer detailed advice about using the right colours.

  1. Social Media Icons

Social media icons are a common sight on most websites. However, have you noticed that most websites generally keep the social media icons buried deep in the footer? You have to scroll down all the way in order to find those icons. Where the social media buttons are placed should depend on the goals of the website. There’s no point in placing the social media icons on the sides or at the top of a site when the main goal is to keep people on the site to make a donation for example. By placing social media icons in a prominent position on your site, you are effectively tempting them to leave to check out some of your social media. For certain websites this would be ideal, such as a retail brand where you are looking to build and gain repeat business. If that’s the case then the social buttons should be somewhere above the fold.