The Benefit of Social Media in Business

In 2019, your business needs to be taking full advantage of social media. More specifically, it needs to have a strong presence on Facebook. The social media site that has been all about bringing friends together online has become an invaluable tool to business owners trying to build their brand.

Social media is an unbelievably powerful tool that allows business owners to reach their target audience and connect with them on a personal level. In today’s time, trust and loyalty are essential to building a following. People want to know that the brands they are supporting care about them. It’s a version of modern-day customer service. Developing relationships with past and potential customers not only helps convert observers to buyers, but also keeps them coming back because they feel appreciated by your company. Building a sense of brand loyalty among your audience is the start to driving a truly successful social media marketing plan that brings growth and engagement.

Facebook currently has over two billion users, according to Wikipedia. That’s two billion people you could potentially reach by being present. Where else could you reach people all over the world in one place, without leaving your computer? Of course, not all of those people are going to want to engage with your brand. But by running ads and sponsoring posts, you can reach the right audience for you.

Running ads on Facebook gives you the ability to very specifically target your audience. If you’re wanting your ad to reach males 40 and younger with an interest in technology and travel, you have the power to do just that. Being able to reach out directly to the people you are trying to target, who would be most likely to engage and become a customer, allows you to gain more than just likes. You will be reaching people that are the most likely to comment, share, and really engage with your brand. It’s this kind of engagement that drives traffic to your site, which hopefully leads to visitors becoming customers.

Facebook ads are also very affordable ways of reaching people. Compared to marketing alternatives like commercials, billboards, and print ads, marketing on Facebook is great for the budget-conscious business owners. You’re able to set limits each day to how much you’d like to spend. Facebook also lets you boost specific posts you’re wanting to drive more engagement towards, as well as sponsor stories to reach a larger audience. All of these different ways of advertising on Facebook are cheaper and more targeted than the more traditional means of advertising.

Facebook also has a very powerful Insights tool that lets you see what kind of audience is engaging with your posts, what days of the week and times of day you see the most engagement, the total reach of each post, and more. It also offers insights on ads, using the Ads Manager tool. You can see how many people have viewed your ad, the number of clicks your ad has received, and the amount you’ve spent on the ad. This lets you see what’s working, what isn’t, and what kind of ROI you’re seeing from running these ads.

Being active as a business on Facebook has so many perks. Contact with your customers, being able to potentially reach thousands, or even millions, of interested users, increased web traffic, an inexpensive and effective way of advertising your business… the list could go on. In today’s age, it is necessary to have a presence on social media. There is no easier way to grow your brand awareness than reaching people where they spend so much of their time.

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