Suggestions To Protect Your Online Privacy

The internet is not a safe place, especially if you are not taking measures to protect yourself on it. With the advent of social media, more of your private information is out there and easily accessible by so many people. You never know what you can get into trouble. Therefore, it is always best to make sure that you take special steps in order to avoid falling into spams. Here are few ways you can make sure to protect your privacy online.

Safety of Sites

There are certain sites out there that are only operating for the purpose of extracting user profiles and valuable information. Oftentimes, you can never be sure who you should trust and who you should not. If you happen to land on a site which you do not trust, then you should never give that site any of your personal information. This will include your credit card information, email, address, home address, and name.

Your Wireless Connection

You should be sure to put a password on your wireless connection and make use of a WPA type encryption. This way, no one will be able to spy on your browsing data and your computer will remain safe from hackers. Another thing to worry about when your connection is not password protected is that someone can make use of it to get involved in illegal activities. If these illegal activities get caught, then you will most likely be blamed since your wireless connection was being used to carry out the process.

Your Browser Privacy

Most of the privacy threats that exist out there will come into your computer via your browser. Therefore, it is very important to secure your browser, and there are many ways of achieving this. Your browser will most probably be one of the first lines of target, and an unsecure browser is just a very easy access to your computer and your entire system.


Every computer should have an antivirus installed into their systems to offer protection against malware and hackers. If you happen to have a Mac, then choose a specialĀ antivirus for Mac OS. An antivirus functions by keeping your system scanned for potential threats, and by notifying you instantly in case it has caught on to any external threat. It also aids in the removal of most of the threats as they come into the system.

Email Service

The email service that you use should be one that takes immense care of your privacy. You can receive a lot of spams in your inbox, and if you happen to open any spam from an unknown sender that happens to be a virus, your entire system can get affected. Certain email services provide various layers of protection to their users.


You can make use of peerblock to keep all your IP connections monitored, and it also aids in blocking the connections coming in from unknown IP addresses. This can save your system from being viewed by an external party, thereby taking out important personal information. You will also be able to create lists that allow certain sites and block others. Peerblock is great for increasing the privacy of your system.

You can take steps to protect and enhance your online privacy in a number of ways, and the above mentioned suggestions are some of the great ways of protecting your online privacy. However, be sure that you do so because the internet is not a safe place at all, especially when you use it to carry out your business related tasks and activities.