Sony Xperia Z3 Design Overview: The Flagship Of 2014

The new flagship from Sony, smartphone Xperia Z3 is really a beast and it is giving very touch competition to other brands smartphone. The previous model of Sony, Xperia Z2 turned out quite successful, but since its release took very little time. Let’s see what are the improvements over its predecessor.

In Sony Xperia Z3 company continues to hone design ideas embodied in the first Xperia Z. Compared with the previous flagship; the changes need to look in detail. The first thing you notice – change in the shape of the sidewalls. Now they gently rounded. At the corners of the body appeared plastic inserts.

In addition, compared to Sony Z2, Sony Xperia Z3 became a little thinner, longer, shorter, lighter and has a new class of protection. Camera button, volume control, switching and connectors for Nano-SIM and memory cards for a total plug located are on the right side wall. Magnetic connector charging dock, Micro-USB port under the cap and mounting strap are to the left. On the Top are only headset jack and a second hole-in microphone.

In addition to the company name and the display on the front side you can see small slits stereo speakers, camera lens, light sensor and proximity. Multicolored LED missed event is now in the top left corner, it is hidden under glass. Behind Sony Xperia Z3 is virtually indistinguishable from the Z2 – the same camera lens, flash, area NFC.

With regard to the ease of use of the smartphone, it should be noted subtlety housing Xperia Z3. In general, the device turned out quite compact. At first it may seem that you hold in your hand 5-inch smartphone, but increased the diagonal. Smooth rounded corners with a slim body and a glass-backed create an ambiguous effect – smartphone if adheres to all smooth surfaces, because of what it initially difficult to pick up from the table.

Metal and glass is very pleasant to the touch and are perceived expensive, but in the hands, Sony Xperia Z3 is very slippery. Volume keys easy to use for its intended purpose, but many programs for reading books and articles suggest using them for turning pages and in this scenario the use they are uncomfortable because of their low placement.

Sony – one of the first companies that started to produce waterproof smartphones. The second generations Xperia Z engineers were able to get rid of the plug connector 3.5 mm, but it still remained with MicroUSB. Doubts about the reliability and durability of covers of the connectors are not there, but suffers from the aesthetics and usability. Perhaps in future models like Xperia Z4 and Xperia Z5 engineers will be able to reduce the number of separated elements of the case or they will add to the smart phone wireless charging.

In addition to the above-mentioned small slits, the build quality has no complaints. Sony Xperia Z3 body felt monolithic, although it is present and the minimum degree of flexibility.