Some Expected Apple iPad Air 3 Features And Specifications

Apple is one of the leading and most popular smartphone and tablet devices in the market. The company has satisfied the people all over the world with the most exciting high end devices. iPads, iPods, and iPhones are some of the devices to name a few. A few months before, the company revealed the iPad Air 2. It’s another name is iPad 6, which is the most exciting device with the better design and a slimmer body appearance. From the statistics, it has shown that all the devices of iPad series have acquired the level of the tablets to the new heights of success by introducing the device one after another. Now, it is the time to rock the world with the next tablet of the Apple iPad series, that is, the iPad Air 3.

As the iPad Air 2 is appreciated by the Apple fans as it come with the new A8X chip along with the more capacity of the RAM that increases its performance. As the Air 2 is making its reputation in the mobile industry all over the world and the rumors about its successor is getting revolved.

Body Appearance

As the Air 2 serves as thinner devices in the series of iPad, with the 6.1 mm thick, this is thinner as compared to the iPhone with the 6.9mm. When it comes to the thickness of the successor of iPad Air 2, it is expected to feature a thickness around 5mm. of course, the iPad Air 3 can be considered as the slimmest tablet of the next year.


When you talk about the design of this upcoming tablet, it seems to be exciting, as its predecessor has pretty good built. There are some other exciting features that will be included in the next tablet of the year. Features like Touch ID button is included in the predecessor of iPad 7 or iPad Air 3. This feature allows you in disabling the protection by simply placing any of your fingers. This exciting feature also serves for unlocking the purchases that you make in iTunes store. Without any doubt, you will be going to see all these exciting features in the successor of Air 2.

Leaked Specs

This upcoming tablet will come with the more enhanced features to please the users. There are so many rumors available online that has given a birth to some leaked specs and features that you will see in iPad Air 3. Some amazing set of specifications of this upcoming tablet is mentioned below:

  • More highly developed Touch ID button
  • 9.7’’ screen with 4k resolution
  • 4G connectivity options
  • 5mm thickness
  • Apple A9x with quad core processor that runs at 2 GHz
  • 8 MP front sensor to click better quality selfies
  • 10 MP primary sensor
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • 128 GB onboard memory
  • RAM capacity of 3 GB and many others

Release Date

It is expected that this upcoming tablet will be available in the month of September of the next year.