Smart House: 7 Revolutionary Home Automations Of 2014

Smart House: 7 Revolutionary Home Automations Of 2014

Home automation technology is moving at an alarming rate and many homeowners are unsure of where to even begin when it comes to finding these amazing gadgets. For those that are ready to bring their home into the 21st century, here are 7 of the most advanced devices that are available today.

1. Honeywell Air Purifier

The Honeywell HPA250B Air Purifier has taken health to a whole new level with one of the most advanced air purifiers in the world. In addition to filtering out all of the most common toxins, the device wirelessly gives reports on the air quality, creates a graph of the most common allergens in the air, and notifies owners any time there are serious air quality issues taking place.

2. Gramofon Router

Modern electronic devices are all about multi-tasking, and the Gramofon Router is a great way to improve one’s wireless signal and completely automate the music listening experience. This device creates its own hotspot and allows anyone present to connect almost any device to the router to play music from their computer, smartphone, tablet, or even their smart TV.

3. Drift Light

For thousands of years, humans slept and woke with the passage of the sun which helped them create a healthy circadian rhythm. With the automatic Drift Light, the brightness of a bedroom will slowly begin to dim as one goes to sleep and then help to gently wake them up by brightening the room as the sun comes up or at a later specified time.

4. Amazon Dash

Creating a high-tech grocery list may not seem like a necessity, but it is all-too-common to head into the market only to forget what foods are needed. The Amazon Dash wand allows owners to scan barcodes on any items that are needed or take verbal commands. It will then create an automatic grocery list on a cloud server or even order the items from Amazon directly.

5. Doorbot Doorbell

Whether a homeowner is on the other side of the world or in the kitchen, the Doorbot Doorbell allows anyone to take control of their front door. This small device is placed on the front of the door and can open locks, take a video feed, and even chat live with the home owner directly through their phone.

6. PetChatz

Animal lovers often hate to leave their pets home for the entire day, void of any human interaction. The PetChatz system allows owners to place a remotely-controlled screen and treat dispenser to their phone or computer to check up on their animals and give treats to keep them occupied.

7. WigWag

Last but not least is the WigWag full home automation system. The base system includes a room sensor that loads a live feed to one’s smartphone for lights coming on, changes to temperature, noises, and movement. The full suit allows owners to control appliances, turn off lights, and access the climate control.

Home automation is about more than a few advance knick knacks around the home. These amazing devices can conserve electricity, cut down on chores, and even make the home a little bit safer.

Informational credit to Perry Homes, a Utah homebuilding company.