Simple Blog Promotion Tips To Help You Get Started

Promoting a blog, especially when you are relatively new, can be a daunting task. I know a lot of site owners and bloggers who gave up after a few months of low traffic and not many engagements. If you are about to give up yourself, please don’t. There are several simple blog promotion tips that can help you gain traction. They are very easy to implement and can produce encouraging results rather quickly. We are going to talk about them in this article.

Reach Out to Influencers on Social Media

Chances are you know the top influencers of your niche or topic already. All you have to do is capitalize on the knowledge and start getting exposure from them. The key here is to interact with those influencers in a nice way instead of spamming them with links and requests.

Here’s a simple thing you can do. Let’s say you have a new article about SEO and you want to more audience to read it. Try to reach out to an SEO expert with a large following on Twitter. You can use Tweets such as “I think your followers will find this article I just wrote interesting, @SEOExpert – [link]” or something similar to get attention.

Hashtags also work great for promoting your blog posts. Search for relevant hashtags that are trending or being used by influencers and use a similar approach as before to gain attention. Remember: never spam or flood influencers with mentions; they probably get that a lot already and they absolutely hate it.

Quotes and Trackbacks

Most of the time, we get information from other blogs or websites when writing our own content. Don’t hesitate to quote your source and provide a linkback to the original website. When the article is published, your blogging platform will notify the source website about the article.

A lot of professional bloggers actually pay close attention to their pingbacks or trackbacks. I personally love reading articles about subjects that I’ve written about before, simply because there are often a lot of interesting points in them. If the article is valuable enough for my users or followers, I’d be more than happy to share it with them.

This is not something that is difficult to do. In fact, it is more than just easy; it’s also ethical to name your source when writing. Of course, you shouldn’t spam other sites with pingbacks just to get noticed. Be subtle and provide value to both the original sites and your readers.

Make Your Content More Shareable

There are things you can do to make your content more shareable. When a content is valuable and very shareable, a lot of your viewers or readers will actually share them voluntarily. This means a link to your article will be seen by thousands of other social media users and potential readers.
Making a content more shareable is not as difficult as you think. There are actually a few simple things you can do:

– Include appealing images and infographics. Readers don’t always love to read. They are often more attracted by images and infographics for obvious reasons. By adding these interesting elements to your blog posts, you are increasing the value of your articles altogether.

– Turn long-form articles into lists or add a summary at the end of it. Visitors don’t always read the full article when they visit a page. I often scan a page for points before deciding to read the full article if I find it interesting. Adding points or a summary at the end of the article will help visitors get the information they need quickly, hence increasing the chances of them sharing your articles even further.

– Lastly, make it absolutely easy to share. Almost every blog has social sharing buttons, but not all of them are easy to use. Pay close attention to details when placing social sharing buttons. Check the wording used when the button is clicked. Add your own social media profile at the end of the Tweet or post so you can connect with your readers easily when they share your articles.

– “Ask and you shall receive.” Ask readers to share the post if they find it useful. Add a call to action near the social sharing buttons or simply ask politely in the article. You’ll be surprised by how many more visitors will actually share your content.

As you can see, these tips are very easy to implement. They are also highly effective and can help you get that boost in traffic and exposure that you have always wanted. Don’t give up on promoting your blog just yet.

Take your time to improve your content, make the user experience as good as it can be, and then promote your site using these simple methods. I’d love to hear about the results, so be sure to share your story in the Comments section below.