Search Engine Optimization: Guide To Beginners

SEO or search engine optimization is not a new term in the field of internet marketing. However, there are people who are not well-aware of SEO and internet marketing techniques. Search engines optimization is mostly chosen by business people for their commercial websites. It is not much used for personal websites. However, it doesn’t matter what type of profile you have. SEO is done mostly to make your webpage rank high in the search engine results. Most people want their website in the top 10 results shown in the search engine result page for prominent keywords. Keywords are terms that are usually used by people to search for information online. This article explores the basic concepts regarding search engine optimization and how it works. It might help you to find the best company that offer SEO services in Kerala.

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

Basically, SEO aim at improving the ranking of your website by organizing the website’s content and HTML. It mainly focuses on improving organic page rank (unpaid result). There are various factors based on which the content and HTML are organized into SEO-friendly. The most common and basic things in SEO are optimizing the website content, meta descriptions, meta keywords and the page title. Apart from these four factors, there are factors that affect the success of search engine optimization. However, these four are the basic and core elements of SEO.

How do Search Engines Work?

You might have heard about search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. Search engines are of two types- crawler-based and human-based. They are like the automobile transmission. One is automatic and the other is manual. The crawler-based search engine systems work by using automated systems. They frequently “crawl” the web, catalogue and everything they find. The human-based search engines work exactly opposite of this. They need a human to read, review and rank websites for them. The information will be entered into a database.

Hybrid engine is another altered form of search engine. They automatically assemble the basic data from the website. But, they use human input to influence the ranking. This is how search engines gather data in their database. You might have now wanted to know how they rank websites in their database. To gather ranks, search engines use unique algorithms. Different search engines use different algorithms. If you were thinking that search engines are all alike, you might be thinking it wrong. No search engines work the same. They work different. The algorithms used by them are strictly secured as top secrets and people don’t understand exactly how they compile and organize data.

There are many factors in a website that a search engine consider as important. They weigh various factors to gather page ranking for them. Some of the important factors include:

  • Page title- It should be short and simple
  • Content- Unique, simple and well-written
  • Meta description-Simple and good
  • Meta keywords-Relevant, competitive and simple

There are quite a good number of companies who offer SEO services in Kerala. Choose the best to rank your website in the top.