Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Revolutionary Display Android Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Revolutionary Display Android Smartphone

The rain of flagship Android smartphones has started in the smartphone market. And finding a unique device in the market is very complex. All looks same, flat display, good hardware and camera but Samsung risked it all by launching the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. It has special display with a curved on the right side.

And other performance and configuration it is replica of Galaxy Note 4. For example, the camera of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has a resolution of 16 megapixels and is similar to the Galaxy Note 4. However, results show difference with a significant loss of resolution at the edges and a lower level of noise noticeable. The trip delay is 0.35 s, somewhat high when compared for example with the iPhone 6 Plus.

The front camera of Galaxy Note Edge provides correct operation with its 3.7 megapixel (1: 1.9) and is compatible with selfie modes (90 degree) and panoramic selfie (120). Galaxy Note Edge comes with S-Pen stylus, a world of possibilities. As in Note 4, the highlight comes on the heels of the integration of the S-Pen with terminal software and more specifically in this model, with legacy news of the TouchWiz layer, the S-Pen Widgets and functions multi-window that are complemented by the sidebar of extra features. And the menu Air Command (default is deployed to extract the S-Pen) and the already mentioned multi-window mode were optimized in Note 4 and Note on Edge Samsung takes advantage of everything learned.

Thus, in addition to several applications running at the same time display, can be minimized to a floating icon. As if that were not enough, pass information between them is much simpler and, among other functions, you can, with the click and drag a square selection, drag multiple images quickly and easily to the desired application, example the email.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge leaves a good taste and high bar: choose between the Note 4 and Note Edge seems a complicated decision. In this sense, if the price of € 849, the balance leans clearly side of Galaxy Note 4, priced initial departure € 100 cheaper and also today, you can find below 699 € and even cheaper Joint purchases in different forums.

The idea of expanding the screen beyond the right profile, with an extra panel accessible through added curved screen, is a true innovation that is practical and useful. And is that not only displays information, it also provides easy access to favorite functions and applications. Yes, but the process of adaptation to Galaxy Note Edge is fast, it is also something heavy since the early days they are accidentally pressed the various shortcuts, with the consequent loss of time.

Also note that the Galaxy Note Edge has not been particularly bright, although strong and proven. And as for the performance of the Galaxy Note Edge, allows maintaining a high work rate, thanks to the S-Pen functions, facilitates the handle lots of information and move comfortably through all the features offered by the terminal. And this is the beginning model in the series; Samsung is about to show more magic with the Samsung Note Edge 2.