Remove iCloud Lock by Official Apple Software Tool

Remove iCloud Lock by Official Apple Software Tool

Those of you who have iCloud activation lock on their phones know that originally the lock was put to prevent your phone to be stolen, and even if it is to prevent others from using it. Then to Remove iCloud lock only is possible this software. To enhance the security features on their devices Apple also introduced the new feature called Find my iPhone. With these innovations Apple devices are less attractive to thieves and less frequent on the illegal selling markets. But, as great as these features can be, for one reason or another you want the locks removed, and that’s exactly what we will help you with.  In this article you will read all about the official software created to Remove iCloud Lock. It is a Removal tool that helps you reset your Apple account so that you can use your iPhone with no restrictions. The procedure is pretty simple so you don’t have to be an IT wizard to perform it. You just need to have the newest versions of Java and iTunes on your computer. If you are sure that you do then you may proceed and click on the links provided for the free download and installation of the tool to start. After this step is finished follow the pattern bellow:

  • Connect your iPhone (or iPod, or iPad) to your PC.
  • Make sure you select the model of the device you want bypassed.
  • Put the device in DFU mode.
  • Initialization process will start shortly
  • After the initialization process is completed another process will automatically start.
  • Wait for the automatic reboot to be completed.
  • Your device is now iCloud lock-free. Insert the parameters, settings and even a new account ID of your choice in your unlocked device.

The process is literally as simple as described here. It is free and it is not a scam. It works on almost every Apple devices, starting from all iPhone models to many iPad models and iPods. It supports all iOS versions and it literally has no flaws.

How to Remove iCloud Lock

To use this tool and finally to Remove iCloud Lock from your iPhone, is need to download this software. When will have is need to Unzip the folder and to lunch the tool on your computer. Then connect your devic by USB cable and start he removal process. This will take five min, and when will complete the process will reboot you iOS system on your iPhone. Now the iCloud lock is removed permanently from your iPhone and will continue to use normally your apple device.