Picture To People – Top Graphic Design Apps

People use graphics very often in business presentations or other projects that can help them to take a step forward in their career. Combining text, illustrations and color, graphics can also be used in drawings, movies, brochures or maps to give an interactive and professional effect.

Even if you think that quality graphics are hard to find, the truth is that you didn’t have an idea where to look for them. A huge development project called Picture to people offers the world’s biggest collection of photo effect editor apps, text generators and an entire range of features. According to its use policy all the services are free of charge and ready to be used online, without asking you to download any program on your personal computer. Beside the text effects, you can also find a lot of banners, logos, photo effects or word arts that can be used in any project without feeling the need of giving credit to the developers for the designs and image effects that are created by you through their program.

This website may represent a point of interest even for some software developers who wants to see how the program works internally. Everything is constructed on a strong basis named Maccala, which is a drawing library used very often for implementing Picture to People high level tools and millions of effects.

Do you want to produce a watercolor effect on your portraits or landscapes? In a few seconds, you can achieve the product desired using the Watercolor Photo Effect Designer. Turning your favourite photos into cartoon drawings can’t be easier than using the Photo Cartoonizer Effect Generator.

Regarding the logo that you choose to create for yourself, a lot of features are at your disposal. The Hair Text Effect Creators help you to design top realistic hair words or names, in a professional and creative method. You can make the same changes on your letters or logos by using a fur pattern, given by the Fur Text Logo Generator.

You can also transform your photos in high fidelity pen and ink engraved drawing or design some cracked photo effects by using the easy generators from Picture to People project. Horror movies fans will be excited about the new cool Grunge Effect that can be added to your portraits and landscapes, creating urban artistic grunge style drawings.

If you have encountered a transparency problem regarding your logo, is recommended to use an effect that can generate a transparent background with a realistic folded text that can increase the logo quality and make it more visible and professional. Even your graffiti messages can be included on a virtual realistic all using the Picture to People features and generators.

You can convert all your photo into text art very easily, taking advantage of Photo Typography, Text Generator representing an online software that gives you the opportunity to create beautiful and unique typographic effects and in the same time preserving the most important information from your input images.

If you want a tool that can generate realistic, beautiful and detailed sketches from your photos, it can also be found on Picture to People. It will help you create sketches in the same quality as the ones made by the most talented artist and it will give you the feature to create drawings using techniques very similar to pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, crayon, watercolor, pastel and chalk.

If you want to find a useful configuration that will fit your blog, website, interface or banner, thousands of high quality text effects are waiting to be used by you. Picture to People also offers a big range of online graphic applications like Pattern Effects, Image Editor or Smart Color Palette Generator.

Being a huge computer graphics research and development project committed to its users needs and preferences, Picture to People already offers thousands of free graphic effects online in almost two million lines of code. Every effect that you are looking for can be found in the project huge library, being configured and rendered according to your visions. Also, your pictures can become unique after using the generators that will give them an effect carefully chosen by you. Further, every feature is free and the website doesn’t ask you to install any programs or generators in your computer! These complex and hard to find effects can be added to your text or photos without feeling forced to pay something for the amazing services.

If you still feel the need to show some support for the project, you can share the news to your friends, family or acquaintances on the social networks. Even they will need some special effects for their photos or logos someday!