Next Miraculous Transformation : Galaxy S7

Next Miraculous Transformation : Galaxy S7

The technology in the smartphone age is set for the next revolutionary transformation, which can be witnessed from the race in the tech market for producing something more powerful and faster. According to the experts last quarter of 2015 is going to be the most amazing phase for all smartphone geek as news has given the confirmation regarding the Samsung engineers working hard on the most amazing smartphone of the decade, that is our very own – Galaxy S7.

The month of April witnessed the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 which was pretty successful, however later other smart phones from other leading manufacturer, for instance Apple, LG and Sony overtook it. Undoubtedly, Galaxy S5 was amazing but still it was not revolutionary and Samsung fans were expecting something amazing. Galaxy Note 4 looks pretty promising but again it couldn’t prove itself to be revolutionary. Though its faster than Note 3,Galaxy S5 and contains few amazing features, the smart technology experience ain’t new.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is interesting but again wasn’t able to bring massive transformation in the market. And this year’s Feb. launched Galaxy S6 even couldn’t stand up to that expectation.

But there’s a good news. In the secret mines of Samsung, the company is cooking very interesting technology. In 2015, we might get to experience super fast processor, amazing display technology and most essential super fast charging batteries.

But the most important question remains -“WHEN”?

*Galaxy S7 Release Date Possibilities :

Sadly we can’t expect the launch of Galaxy S7 in 2014.According to the last release date of Samsung Galaxy S6 in Feb 2014,there are the chances of launch of Galaxy S7 in the last quarter of 2015.

There are rumors in the market that Samsung is going to redefine its Galaxy S series which we might see with the launch of Galaxy S7.

*Galaxy S7 Specifications and Features :

When it comes to the hardware and specs of Galaxy S7,then undoubtedly, it will be carrying the most advanced hardware of the age.

In 2014, 3GB RAM became normality in the smartphones but this normality will soon be replaced by 4GB RAM in 2015. On the other hand, 2015 is going to witness the fastest mobile smartphone processor, which will be processing at the frequency of 3.X GHz.

There is more in the kit of surprises.

There is going to be something unique in display configuration of Samsung Galaxy S7. You may expect 4K display or flexible display from Galaxy S7. Its other features are:

•  True octa-core 3.X GHz processor

• 3D 4k resolution display or 2K flexible display measuring 5.2 inches


•20 MP ultra low light sensitivity sensor

• Ultra fast finger print detective sensor

• A mini projector

• Super fast charging battery (charging time 5 minutes)

No doubt, a revolution is an urgency in smartphone industry and the upcoming year is certainty going to be very surprising for all of us.

* Galaxy S7 Price Range :

As of now, we can’t really discuss the price of  Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung always sells its devices like hot cakes, therefore discussing its price at present makes no sense. Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung’s costliest smartphone till the date and despite of its high price, its sale was pretty good. However, according to speculations by tech gurus, its price can be expected to range in between Rs.51,000-60,000.

Stay tuned and keep waiting for the 2015.