Let’s Review Some Free Photo Recovery Tools

Let’s Review Some Free Photo Recovery Tools

What is Data Recovery?

It is a process of retrieving damaged, formatted, inaccessible data from hard disks, usb drives or other files. Storage disks may be damaged physically. They may also suffer from logical damage to the file system. Most common scenarios are malfunction of a storage device, accidental deletion as well as damage, logical failure of storage devices, failure of the whole operating system. The data recovery software copies important files from the damaged media and store it on a new drive.

Importance of Photos in Our Lives

Yes, photos and videos are very important in our lives. Especially, they are an asset for home users. There are memories linked to these photos and videos. Each important occasion is well documented through smart phone cams and DSLRs. We cherish these documentations in the future days especially when we miss some loved one who is not by our side now. That’s why these photos and videos are very much important. We cannot let them go away as a result of a damaged storage device. Mylio collected statistics from worldwide on the number of photos stored on devices. The number was a stunning 4.9 trillion. Around 80% of pictures taken in the past year were captured in mobiles. Mobile phones are quite handy in capturing important moments.

What DataRecoveryDigest does for you?

The company conducted tests on free recovery tools  to recover lost photos. Free data recovery software is favorable for home users. The tests were aimed at recovering lost photos.

Description of the Test:

The company used FAT32 SD Card for the test. It was 32GB Kingston SDHC card. Photos were stored in the DCIM folder. There was an HD video made through a SONY HDR-CX250E camcorder. The photos got deleted due to accidental deletion. The goal of the test was to scan it and recover the lost photos.

Test Results:

The main goal was to recover photos. But two of the programs went ahead of the expectations. They also restored the original file order. The two programs are R-Undelete and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. They restored the files as well, the folder structure as well as the data index files. Out of the two R-Undelete went one step ahead of the other by recovering the filenames as well. It completely rebuilt the camcorder card to the original state. Unlike EaseUS Data Recovery which has 500 MB recovery limit, R-Undelete doesn’t has any limit. That makes it a superior tool.

Recuva was also tested. It recovered all the photos but failed to recover complete file names. That’s where it fell behind the top two.

Pandora recovered all photos but during the process it crash multiple times. The same delay happened when PC Inspector was tested. It took quite long in saving the recovered files.

PhotoRec has a good reputation but it disappointed in the test. It was very slow. Moreover in the results it returned false recovered files. After a long process false recovered files really spoiled its reputation.