Let Your Marketing Shout Out Loud!

There is no point in attending a trade show or exhibition and expecting the world to come to you! Marketing your business so that it stands out enough to get noticed is not hard to do but it does take a bit of planning and organisation. Events offer the opportunity to shout out loud about your products and services and scream about your brand in a shameless fashion. So make the most of your investment, rise to the occasion, have fun, network and make new contacts.

You are not alone

An event strategy is a valuable part of any marketing plan and a major investment for most businesses. It’s therefore essential you and your team don’t get bogged down with your regular heavy workload and that you put the time and effort into planning a successful exhibition. Although trade shows and exhibitions provide the perfect opportunity to raise brand awareness and network with like-minded people who are already interested in your industry, the downside is, you are not alone! You will be surrounded by other business who are also doing the same, vying for the same business and trying to get a piece of the action. It’s a bit like the internet, the companies that get noticed are the ones that use all the tools available and every trick in the book to stay one step ahead of the competition. So you need to get creative and think of your exhibition space as a blank canvas, overflowing with potential then plan, plan and plan some more!

Be Imaginative and Awaken the Senses

Creating the most spectacular stand at the exhibition need not cost the earth. With a great deal of imagination, creativity and well targeted messages you can ensure you and your team generate the buzz and attention you need. The layout of your stand and the marketing collateral you use such as flyers and banners will help distinguish you from the rest. Don’t forget to consider promotional PVC bunting for your outdoor event. It’s easy to think that bunting belongs only on the car forecourt or at the village fete but don’t underestimate its value. It comes in all shapes, sizes and fabrics, branded with your company logo and colours or used to advertise your latest promotion, special offer or product launch. It can be informative, eye-catching and will help your organisation stand out at any event. Choosing a theme for your stand can help give you direction and using a strong, branded colour scheme will define who you are and will encapsulate your organisation’s vision and values as well as promote your products and services.

Walk Towards the Light

Choose the correct colour scheme and layout for your stand and it will become a visitor hot spot. Like moths flying to the light, get your stand right and get your team working hard and you will attract the potential customers you need. So that involves where you put your product and literature displays, table and chairs if you have them, and any demonstration areas you might need. It also means you have to ensure you are seen from every angle so get your staff to spread out when you are setting up your stand so you can strategically locate your flags, banners and bunting to ensure you can be seen from all angles. You don’t want to lose out on any footfall after all!  Lighting is also essential. Different types of lighting can create an atmosphere that not only attracts potential customers to your stand but encourages them to stay longer. Up lighting, down lighting or spots to highlight a poster or a new product will draw people to you and whatever you need them to see.

So with careful planning, strong goals and objectives, simple, clear messaging and a team ready to work their socks off, you will arm yourself with a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of your brand, promote your products and services as well as make new contacts that could develop into fruitful, long lasting relationships.