Latest Indian Technologies Of 2014

With the passage of time the IT industries in India have taken a new shape. The industry has seen so much growth is past few years that India has become one of the IT hubs across the world. There are various latest technologies in trend in India nowadays which the Indian IT companies and people make use of. These technologies have changed the working system in the offices to a great extent and made their work easier by providing exceptionally great innovations.

Some of the Emerging Trends:

Here are some of the latest emerging trends in the IT industries that have upgraded the way of doing work and provided them with the best solutions for making their work plain sailing.

Cloud Computing

It is one of the widely used technologies in India. And this technology has made      it very easy for companies to manage their client server connections.

 Some of the basic features and benefits of this technology include:

· It works on the principle of sharing platforms by different clients. It has made it very easy to share the same application over the server, you don’t need to manage each and every employee’s PC and download different software on the very PC.

· You just need to have a client computer, server, and an application software that is common to all the clients, and they can use the applications in it according to their work.

· So, basically it can be said that it provides you with the services to be used over the same network and not individually and the software and other resources are provided by the network.


It is one of the techniques of the cloud computing. It stands for Platform as a Service and it is widely in use in the Indian IT sector. Some of the basic features of this latest technology are lined down below:

· In this technique the platform and resources are provided by the network to the users to build a software over the internet.

· It allows a user to create software using the services and tools provided by the network, where the user uses the tools that he requires to build his application.

3-D Printing:

This is another latest technology in India emerged in the year 2014. This innovative and advanced technology can help you to create a 3-D structure for any digital image. Have a look at the unique features of this modern Indian technology of 2014:

· First of all an image is built in any CAD software using different types of designing tools. This is the basic step for using this technology.

· Then after building the image, using the molding tools the image is converted into its 3D model layer by layer.

· The software scans the whole image and with the precise building of 2D layers, which are not visible in the 3G model creates a 3D structure of the digital image.

With the emergence of new technologies,  India has led to simplifying the tasks. This can help the IT sector of India to boost their innovative skills with good amount of resources present. Thus, if the technologies are used in right direction it can actually make India an IT hub. The evolution of computing technologies has led to easy designing of software which led to better innovations. So, if you want a carrier in IT industry and want to use your potential to the maximum, apply for an Indian Visa and step into India to explore its technological industry and give your contribution.