iPhone 8 - Next Flagship Apple device

iPhone 8 – Next Flagship Apple device

Apple is coming out with iPhone 8 which is expected to be very sturdy and strong. It is also believed to be water resistant device, in case it happens to fall into the water or slip down accidently it should not get converted to an non-functional gadget.

Apple has come up with some of the new advanced technology and have come up with wireless chargers wherein you do not have to carry the cables along with you. It is still being considered to fit in with the iPhone but not sure whether iPhone 8 will be having this feature of in-built charger. This can be done with the solar energy so you can expect this within next two years.

It is believed that iPhone 8  is coming up with more inbuilt storage capacity as the iOS is largest and the memory storage is also large.  Apart from this the iPhone users can experience the hand free way of unlocking the phone which will be integrated in the iPhone 8.  Apple products are alwys popular for their security features and obviously one can expect that in this ensuing iPhone.

The camera design is being changed as Apple is introducing dual sensor technology so that the users can get very clear image capture even when you are in motion while clicking the photo. Secondly it is also expected to remove the air noise while capturing video also, which will be really very good so as to get a disruption free video. Apple is really very innovative in their work getting very good result.

Some of the more exciting and surprising features are that iPhone 8 is a far more advanced gadget with FindMyPhone.app.  so far this phone use to help the users to trace out the location of the missing phone in case it is lost or stolen, but now they are coming up with such app that in case it is stolen  the phone will be of no use to the thief. They have come up with such program  that the users need not get panic or get hyper, as the sensitive data stored in the phone will be exploited at any cost.

So, you can definitely get something new in iPhone 8.