Interactive Wine Menus: Wave of the Future?

The days of turning page after page in search of your desired wine are over; innovation today has created the technology for iPad wine menus for restaurants, also known as interactive wine menus. Say goodbye to menus thicker than a stack of bricks and weighing nearly as much; with the use of an application for the iPad, restaurants can now keep thousands of wines listed in the tiny devices for customers to peruse when ordering.

What is an Interactive Wine Menu?
Interactive wine menus have been around since 2001 and serve as a way for a customer at a restaurant, bar, or vineyard to view all of the selections that are currently available in that business’s wine cellar. Viewed through an iPad, an interactive wine menu is a convenient and comprehensive way for customers to view every wine available, as well as details about the wine, such as when and how it was made, if it is sweet or bitter, and what foods it pairs best with.
How Does an Interactive Wine Menu Work?
Interactive wine menus can be custom designed to the restaurant or bar owner’s liking. The menu will include a picture of the wine, the price of the wine, and the varietal and vineyard. Things like a wine maker’s notes, food recommendations, or interesting facts about the wine can also be included.

Customers can search for wines based on type, area of origin, price (for either the bottle or a glass), color, or taste.

Why Are Interactive Wine Menus Beneficial?
Interactive wine menus are beneficial in a variety of ways. First, they allow owners of restaurants, bars, or vineyards the flexibility of uploading new wines or retiring old wines with simplicity and speed—unlike outdated printed-paper menus. Interactive wine menus also serve as the perfect tool for accurately keeping track of inventory, so owners never have to worry how many bottles of their best wine they have in the cellar. Interactive wine menus also give owners an opportunity to promote their wines and dishes by adding anecdotes and meal pairings. Wine promotion pairs perfectly with food promotion, so it is a savvy choice for the business owner. And with meal pairings aplenty, the sales of both food and wine have increased.

For the customer, interactive wine menus provide both the connoisseur of vino and the wine novice alike with a fun, hands-on method of choosing their favorite wines, browsing through prices, and experimenting with new varietals. If a person isn’t familiar with a certain type of wine, they have a resource directly in front of them that can give them an idea of whether or not they will like it, what flavors it contains, and what other wines it resembles. As a result of this customer interaction, customer satisfaction increases, and wine sales go up. Some restaurants have even experienced an 11 percent increase in wine sales per diner in attendance in the two-week period following the introduction of an interactive wine menu and the elimination the antiquated paper version.

Whether you are a business owner looking to boost your sales or a simple lover of food, wine, and restaurant life, an interactive wine menu is worth the investment.

This article was written by bartender Jules Kern. She loves ipad wine menus for restaurants, as it makes her job that much easier.  Ask your boss about it today.