In What Ways Can Online Backup Services Prove Advantageous for Your Business

Online data backup service is currently the easiest and cheapest way to perform back up of your important files. It helps in storing them securely in an encrypted remote server. Before implementing this service, you need to know about the various benefits that this service provides to your business.

What is an online data backup service?

Online data backup is also called as a remote data backup. It is a method of offsite storage wherein data is regularly backed up on a remote server or a network that is typically hosted via a service provider. HostiServer is a leading company that offers managed VPS and managed dedicated server hosting services.

What are the different names used to refer online backup service?

Online data backup service is called by different terms such as cloud backup, web-based offline backup and remote backup. All these refer to the same thing.

Why is online backup service considered to be safer?

As online backup system helps in storing your data in a remote location. This makes your backup copy completely safe against any unfortunate circumstance such as flooding, fire, burglary, lightning, accidental deletion, computer viruses, and hard drive failure. An online backup service preserves your latest copy of the data, even if your machine comes across any of the above accidents.

How does an online data backup service perform?

Online data backup creates copies of your significant data and stores it in secure servers. To provide extra safety, there are several copies on servers shared to multiple locations to assure data availability, irrespective of any unfortunate event. No one can access the data without knowing the encryption key.

You need to select a strong password that is a minimum of eight characters long and comprise of numbers, letters, and other characters. This makes guessing simply impossible. Besides stores, most of the advanced level online backup providers offer other facilities such as data sharing, versioning, and mobile access.

Factors that differentiate one online backup service from another

Online backup services vary largely on the basis of upload speed, storage capacity, software, and other types of service features. You must read about the offerings of the backup service providers, and make use of “free trial” periods to get exactly what you require.

Things to look for in an online data backup service

An online data backup service should provide below features to a business.

  • back up data within staff constraints and budget;
  • optimize onsite data storage by preserving old data offsite;
  • fulfill regulatory requirements and conform to internal policies;
  • allow branch offices to reliably and easily back up with no onsite IT support; and
  • enables quick and trustworthy data retrieval and restoration, that minimizes downtime.


E- backup is relatively easier and highly convenient to use as compared to external hard drives, DVDs, or USB flash drives. This service enables one to take automatic backups and provides you the latest data at any time you need it. That’s what makes it advantageous than offline mode of backup.