If These Are Missing From Your Product Pages, You Are Losing Money

So you’ve finally gotten a potential customer to the product page. If you think your marketing work is done, you are sorely mistaken – this is where it matters most. Fortunately, there are several design best practices that have been proven to convert for online retailers across the web. Here are the most important ones to implement into your website immediately.

1.Large, High Quality Images

Unlike in a physical store, online shoppers cannot hold and feel your product in their hands. Having large, high-quality images is one of the most important steps in designing a product page that converts. They show the detail of your product and helps reassure the customer that they know exactly what they are purchasing.

2.Multiple Views of Product

This takes the first best practice a step further. By giving your customer multiple views, it becomes much easier to visualize what the product will be like. Try using 360-degrees views and include images of real people interacting with the product.

3.Call to Action

A clear call to action that stands out from the rest of the page dramatically increases conversions. The customer needs as frictionless of a checkout process as possible, and a call to action is the first step. Use brightly colored buttons with phrases like ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now.’

4.Detailed Descriptions

Along with multiple high-quality, detailed images, you need to have detailed descriptions. The descriptions do not need to be long, just make sure they explain the key features and emphasize the biggest selling points of the product.

5.Quick Loading Times

Long loading times are the quickest way to lose a potential customer. In today’s fast-paced world, no one has time to wait around. Make sure your site has fast load times to avoid losing customers to a competitor.

6.Mobile-Friendly Design

According to Shopify, more than 50% of all e-commerce traffic now comes from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Of that traffic, 1 in 4 visitors will leave the site if it is not optimized for mobile. Simply put, if you are not mobile friendly, you are losing money.

7.Create Scarcity

Amazon is the master of creating scarcity. With every product, customers see phrases such as ‘Only 3 left in stock!’ or ‘Hurry now! While supplies last.’ This technique causes the customer to feel a sense of urgency thereby increasing the chances that they will buy now instead of later (and later may never come).

8.Compare Prices

Emphasize your great prices and sales! By visually, slashing out old prices and putting a new price under, the customer will be psychologically incentivized to buy the product now. Emphasizing this comparison is a surefire design tactic.

9.Customer Reviews

Customer reviews act as a social proof and also reassure the customer that they are ordering a quality product. Displaying these customer reviews clearly and proudly will not only help the customer make a purchasing decision but increase the trust in your brand due to your transparency.

10.Social Sharing

Adding social media sharing buttons to your product pages allows visitors to share your products quickly with their friends. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing so make it easy for customers to spread the word!

11.Offer Related and Similar Products

Cross-selling is a tried and true method of increasing sales that e-commerce giants like Amazon live by. Offering related and similar products helps customers find products they may have had problems searching for or that they did not even know they wanted.

12.Clear Shipping and Return Policy

One of the biggest hassles on online shopping is the shipping and return policy. E-commerce is all about trust and if visitors think you are trying to swindle them out of more money through hidden fees and shipping costs, it is doubtful they will ever become customers.

Added bonus: Including the price of the cheapest shipping option into the product price and offering free shipping will result in big gains. According to Wharton, free shipping increases consumer spending by 30%!

13.Trust Badges

Security is a primary concern for consumers after numerous credit card scandals in the past few years. Naturally, people are even more wary of hackers online so displaying well-known trust badges subconsciously eases their minds. Another way to win trust is through a secure checkout process set up by a third party like FastSpring.com.

14.Easy Check-Out

The last thing you want is for a customer to decide to buy and then lose them because of a complicated checkout process. Don’t make your customers look for the check-out button. It needs to be obvious, and they should reach the payment page in less than three clicks.

Kassie Berger is an experienced internet marketer who has built a highly successful career with marketing startups learning the numerous tricks of the internet marketing trade. You can learn more about her on Google+.