How To Replace Or Remove Negative YouTube Videos

In today’s digital age, the flow of information has become unbelievably fast. One of such mediums to share information is YouTube that provides you with an avenue to upload and share videos. The problem arises when someone uploads a video that has negative effects on the reputation of a Company or an individual. The question that comes to mind in such a scenario is how to remove or replace such a video from YouTube and can you use the defamation removal law by to facilitate the removal or replacement?


YouTube is a video uploading and sharing website. Google owns YouTube and in terms of popularity, it comes just after Google. Google is world’s most popular search engine.

Why negative YouTube videos are dangerous?

Since the same company owns both Google and YouTube, the related YouTube contents get a priority and preferred treatment in the search results given by Google. This causes the adverse effects of a negative YouTube video on the brand reputation of an individual or a Company.

Due to the popularity of Google and YouTube, the videos uploaded on YouTube can be used as an effective tool for marketing a brand. On the other hand, a negative YouTube video severally damages the brand reputation.

YouTube videos removal strategies

There could be two types of videos that can be found on YouTube

  • A video owned and uploaded by you
  • A video that is uploaded by someone else

If a negative video gets uploaded by you by mistake, then you can easily delete it by accessing your YouTube account. Replacing a video is not allowed on YouTube, you need to first delete the video by going to creator studio and signing in to your account, and afterwards you can upload the video of your choice. The video disappears from the Google search result as soon as its deleted.

Removing a YouTube video uploaded by others

The negative videos uploaded by others can be removed through following actions

  • Removal of copyright or trademark video – A video that uses any copyright content without permission can be removed by submitting a request to Google. The owner of the copyright content or the Trademark can submit the copyright infringement notification web form. You should consult an attorney to establish whether a video is covered under fair dealing or fair use copyright exceptions or not.
  • Removal through violation of content guidelines – YouTube has a stringent Community guidelines for videos uploaded to YouTube. If a video violates the terms of the Community Guidelines, then it can be reported and after a check, it is removed by YouTube if it’s found to be in violation of YouTube’s community guidelines.

Legally removing a YouTube video

When all the above mentioned methods fail, the only alternative for a Company or an individual to remove a YouTube video is through a court order. To legally remove a YouTube video, you need a specialist attorney that deals in online defamation cases. A specialist attorney will be able to guide and help you in the collection of evidence and preparation and filing of the case.

In most of the cases, the only available alternative for an affected party is the legal removal of the YouTube video. YouTube rarely removes a video until it’s in clear cut violation of its policies and it’s not protected under the company’s exception policies. Hiring the services of an attorney and using the defamation removal law is the only viable avenue for most of the injured parties.