How To Operate In A Fragmented Media World

How To Operate In A Fragmented Media World

At the beginning of the 21st century, something interesting happened: the digital and professional worlds fragmented. In the early days of web 1.0, web developers were just about the only people who understood what was going on. They relied on their own expertise to create websites and advertisements in a medium that not many people understood. Since not many people understood it or used it, they did not have to be terribly skilled at marketing. As the media became more widely used and more popular, the users began to demand more and more proficiency with the different aspects involved. So, as the media expanded, web developers became ill-equipped to handle the complex marketing tasks. Marketers could not code the increasingly complex websites. Business owners could not create their own websites or handle their own marketing. Social media also boomed on different platforms, which democratised internet content creation, but also made for entirely new branches of marketing and advertising. Because of all these different fragments, more and more skills became specialised. Pretty soon, businesses had to hire several different firms to create an effective online presence.

The Benefits of Combining

Businesses found that they had to hire many different professionals to craft their internet strategy, which led to them reading briefs several times. They had to send several copies of the same emails to different people. Each of these different agencies had ideas about what would and wouldn’t work. They had to all coordinate, which was very rarely seen.

When you hire a company that combines all of your different needs, you find that your operations are incredibly streamlined. Also, when you hire a multi-functional company such as The Distillery, you only have to write your briefs once. You do not have to worry about competing ideas that don’t mesh well. Scheduling issues disappear since you don’t have to coordinate multiple different companies. It’s easier to create a clear, consistent vision when you have only one company at the helm.

Financial Incentives

In a business, the bottom line is everything. Paying for several different companies to try to coordinate them into a coherent vision is just not the economical solution. Many companies have minimum fees, baseline fees, and hourly fees. So, no matter how little or how much you need a company to do for you, they’ll still be getting paid handsomely. When you have to hire four or five different companies, you’ll be paying four or five different baseline fees as well as hourly fees. If you combine those services with one multi-service company, you’ll only be paying one fee for all these services.

Also, when you deal with a company that specialises in data-driven marketing and 21st-century brand activation strategies, you will see your income rise. The strategies these companies employ combine traditional marketing strategies with 21st-century ethics and tactics. The amount of data you can gather on your business is higher than it’s ever been. A skilful media company knows how to take advantage of that to help your company grow and make a profit.