How To Get The Standard Shipping Discount With Priority Mail Services

How To Get The Standard Shipping Discount With Priority Mail Services

The United States Postal Service offers flat rate shipping discount on priority mail envelopes and packages. This service allows a customer to pay a fixed rate to ship their item. The cost of shipping is based on the size of the envelope or package rather than the weight and destination zip code. For many customers, flat rate shipping is an affordable and faster alternative than standard shipping methods. What are the USPS flat shipping rates?

How Much Does Flat Rate Service Cost?

Current rates for flat rate priority shipping are available on the USPS website. Currently, pricing for the service starts at about $5.05 for a small envelope or package. Rates for flat rate shipping are lower online than the costs of shipping at a retail location. It is well-worth creating an USPS account and paying for postage online.

Package Sizes Available With Flat Rate Service

Small, medium, and large packages are available with the USPS flat rate service. Additionally there are several sizes of envelopes also available. There are two medium box choices available. Box one opens on top while box two opens on the sides. With the many different package sizes, it is easy to ship your item with the perfect size box.

Are There Package Restrictions?

If you wish to use the flat rate service from USPS, it is necessary that you use the boxes provided by the USPS. These boxes are available at no cost in quantities of up to 25 each size. Individuals who need flat rate boxes may order them online with free delivery to their home or office. The boxes may also be picked up at any USPS retail location. The boxes are marked with the Priority Mail stamp so they’re easy to identify so you can get your shipping discount.

Rules For Flat Rate Delivery

There are only a few rules to remember when using the USPS flat rate service. First, the package may not weigh over 70 pounds. It must be delivered to an address within the United States. Obviously the package must conform to USPS shipping qualifications. Also, when closing the package, flaps must seal naturally and the package may not bulge.

Can You Save Money With Flat Rate Service?

People who use the USPS flat rate service will find that it is often much cheaper than sending a package with Priority shipping standard rates. Since the weight of the package and the destination zip code are not calculated, the price is often much lower. This is especially true when mailing larger packages. USPS flat shipping rates are designed to save customers money, and they do a wonderful job!

Extras Thrown In At No Cost

With the flat rate service, you also get plenty of extras at no additional charge. Along with free shipping supplies, the USPS offers customers using Priority mail flat rate service insurance up to $100, free package pickup, no surcharge for Saturday delivery, and more.