How To Enhance Your Monitoring System Security

How To Enhance Your Monitoring System Security

Many households and business are starting to use more intricate methods of monitoring their places of residency or business, and it is not surprising that in recent months, more and more of them are being hacked. When it comes to keeping your home and family safe and secure, you want to make sure you do things right. Here are some downfalls to having a camera recording system set-up for your home or business- and some things you can do to make yourself safer.


Many people may be surprised, of of the thousands of monitoring systems that have been hacked this past year alone, sources say the main reason for the hacks is either not changing their initial password, or using a password that is too simple. Many times, people leave “1234” or “abcd” as the only thing guarding their house, their place of business, and their livelihood.

And if that’s not enough, experts have said the next greatest source of this system-stealing is owners not changing their password enough. Having one year over year, or even for months, can no longer be the standard for information security. To prevent any of your information from being hacked, it is best to have a few different things in mind, and to use different passwords to switch every 3 months. Here are some more common sense tips to consider before buying a home security system that covers more than just the main points.

Picture Quality

Unfortunately, here we aren’t talking and gawking about that big screen in the living room, or that new HD monitor for a custom-made pc at home: We’re talking about your overall safety, and to really be consistently safe, having some new features in your recording system are more than trivial- they’re crucial. Many of the more expensive systems come with high quality resolution, manual camera playback at any time, speed-changing features- where you can stop the tape from playing on your system at any time, go back and check things as you require, and change speeds.

It may seem like a grain of salt, compared to other features, but combined with having better picture quality, when something really does go wrong- and if you live in a high-risk area- being able to pinpoint your premises at a specific point in time and be able to replay and reverse certain sections of the tape are vital to your discovery methods. What’s more: If you have good picture definition, slowing-down the playback can really help you visualize what’s going on precisely, so there is no straining to figure things out, and there’s no question in your mind when you’ve found what you’re looking for.

Enabling Your Security Cameras

Many people don’t know about this simple tip to keep your computers secure, and it also ties into those who have a security system that is connected to a computer. If you have a tv screen, or a computer monitor that is connected to your system, hackers can actually get into your computer if you don’t have certain security features enabled in your internet connection, and this can give them easy access to a lot of your personal information.

The most enabling move you can make is to first go into your internet settings and allow your computer to only let in users who want to use your internet connection who have a certain title. What you are looking for is WPA or WPA2. What this means is Wireless Protected Access 1 and 2, and what they do is ensure that you and only those you give the name and password of your wifi router to can access your system. It works wonders for your security, it’s something you only have to do once, and it takes 60 seconds.

Security Systems Aren’t Secure

Some people may say that security systems are not secure, which is something you have to be cognizant of. Security systems are made to be used, and if you know how to use them craftily, they are just as secure as you make them. They are only as secure as you yourself are aware of your surroundings. Those are, after all, what they monitor. So even though you have a helping hand, don’t get lazy. Don’t make yourself the easy target. Here are some of the top reviews for home security systems in use today.

A simple hacker will leave if he’s not getting what he wants simply enough. It can be said of anyone, anywhere, any time, in any situation. That’s what we all live for. Peace of mind. Simplicity. Security.