Designing A Website

How To Calculate The Cost Of Designing A Website

In today’s web-based modern age, a website is an essential part of having any type of business. The big question on many business owners mind is how to calculate the cost of website design as to help them determine whether they should try to go it alone or hire someone professional. To understand how to calculate the cost, you have to understand what it is that you are asking for and the costs associated with each of those things.

Basic Costs

First there are the basic costs associated with a website. This includes a hosting plan, site maintenance, marketing of the website, purchasing a domain name, and the time charged for planning and development of a site design. Some of these aspects such as the purchase of a domain name are fairly low cost while others can be more expensive. If you plan to do the work yourself then you may be able to save some money. However, self-made websites are rarely as dynamic and profitable for a business as one that is designed professionally.

Factors Associated With Cost

When determining the cost of website design there are several questions which a business owner must ask. First, is the site to be designed from scratch or is it a redesign of a current site? Building a site from the ground up is typically more expensive than redesigning one. Second, will a content management system needed or is one already in place? Every modern business owner knows that it is essential to have a blog on your site for your customer base. If there is not currently such an option or if one needs to be created than this can be an additional fee on top of basic costs. Third, will graphics need to be uniquely designed for the site? Graphic design work can vary greatly among web designers. If you are interested in having multimedia elements such as video or flash on your website then these items are going to cost more to produce and implement.

Interface Choices

The type of interface which is needed for your audience will also determine the cost of your website. For example a website that is being designed for a restaurant that would like to implement online ordering requires the use of a specific database or add-on that links to their in-house computer systems. Implementing this type of technology will be more expensive than creating a basic blog for consumer or a product site for a small business which sells all of their items through a third-party interface such as Etsy.


Plugins and other aspects of your site likely need to be updated every few months. If you fail to keep these different components of your site up to date that it is possible that they will not work when your consumers reach your site. This could drive potential visitors away and increase your bounce rate. Website maintenance is typically a lower cost that is assessed on a monthly or quarterly basis by your web developer. Even though it may be less than $100 per month, it is still a contributing factor to the cost of designing a website.