Great Ideas For Corporate Calendar Themes

When you’re looking for the perfect corporate calendar, you of course have the rather difficult job of deciding which company you’re going to enlist to create it. You also have the equally difficult job of deciding which theme to use. Of course most good printing companies will offer a bespoke service where you can use your own images, but if you don’t have the time to source those, it can be a good idea to use the themes offered. The theme is an important, if not the most important decision you need to make. Visually you will of course be able to see your corporate branding on the calendar, but the first thing anyone will notice is the theme. Is it interesting enough to go on their wall or desk? Is it inspiring? Is it general enough for the majority of people to like it?
Here are some great ideas for corporate calendar themes:

The Natural World

The natural world provides us with many different beautiful, breathtaking and interesting themes in which to photograph and place on a calendar. From the incredible animals throughout the world, to places of absolutely stunning beauty and interest. The natural world is something most people take interest in, and it’s a very varied subject as well, which means you get a great amount of choice within this category.

What does it say about your Company?

A corporate calendar with images of the natural world says you are in touch with the world around you, and that you appreciate the bigger picture. If the images are worldly it says you are a cultured company with its sights set on global domination. If the images show impressive creatures like lions, elephants or other large animals, it suggests your company is strong, forthright and passionate about what they do.

Engineering Icons

Engineering icons is an ideal calendar subject if you are in a predominantly masculine industry, or if you are sending your calendars to a related industry. Subjects could be vintage vehicles or aircrafts, supercars or even airlines of today. Images that are shot well will show these feats of engineering in their greatest light, which is both exciting and interesting to look at.

What does it say about your Company?

Choosing engineering icons for your corporate calendar suggests you’re a company with strength and technical ability. It shows an appreciation for the greatest feats of mankind, and suggests you’re working with a view to achieve the same level of greatness shown on the picture. Engineering icons are also suggestive of the elite and the high achievers, so a calendar showing these images suggests you are either within this category or aiming for this level of extremely high achievement.

Travel & Culture

Much like the natural world, a calendar showing travel and culture offers a wide range of beautiful and breathtaking images. From clean and clear tropical visions, to bustling foreign cities and global landmarks, travel & culture is a very real and raw subject for a calendar. For recipients it enables them to have a tiny window into the wider world, and provides interesting and imaginative thoughts to come from a glance at the images provided every month.

What does it say about your Company?

Getting your corporate calendar printers to create a travel & culture calendar for you suggests you are a company with your finger on the pulse of every business economy worldwide. It suggests you are cultured and have a fantastic global awareness.

Quirky Themes

A quirky themed calendar is a calendar that focuses on a niche theme or theme of interest that isn’t general. It could be macro photography, or extreme sports, but it is never a general topic. Calendars with quirky themes might not be general in their theme, but we’re all interested in the unusual, which means the niche subject will interest the general population.

What does it say about your Company?

Quirky themes say your company is unique, your company is brave and your company is interesting. Choosing a quirky theme shows you are not afraid to stand out and be counted, that you are individual in what you stand for, and will always keep your individual style and cutting edge approach to your industry.