Galaxy Note 4 Working With S Pen and S Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was released in month of September 2014 and since then it is sails are rising in every country and it is giving real tough competition to Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Below we have mentioned the performance and functionality of S Pen, S Note and S health features of Note 4.

If we talk about S Health feature, it got the same set of functions as present in the previous generation Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The program is able to count steps, running and cycling, and also allows you to enter data about nutrition.

Working with the S Pen stylus

Using the S Pen stylus in the Galaxy Note 4 is one of the key features of a smartphone. And before Samsung was able to implement work with the pen on a very high level, but this time the company has surpassed itself. S Pen stylus is now able to recognize up to 2048 degrees of depression, tilt, turn, and speed of movement.

As a result, the display Note 4 recognizes the stylus is not exactly easy, and but very accurate. It seems that writing pen on paper. For those who likes to draw, the new S Pen will be a real discovery, as yet never styli smartphones did not work so well. But for everyone else also has some interesting scenarios with a pen. If you press the button on the S Pen, placing the stylus on the screen, it will appear on a circle with a menu of four items. This quick options that allow us to make a note, cut a piece of the image, select and copy the screen area and take a screenshot and leave it on your notes.

S Note, which is eternal companion to stylus S Pen, has also become a little better. Firstly, the developers made it visually cleaner at the forefront here put handwriting with the possibility of recognition and translation into typed text.

Secondly, new features allow you to use S Note in Galaxy Note 4 as a semblance of the scanner. For example, you can take a picture book page, save or print it.

The program does not yet recognize the text, but can convert it so that it looked exactly like the scan, and not like a photograph. In this case the image can be left with handwritten notes. Imaging implemented is little better to recognize their smartphone, and allows you to cut for further work.

You can save “scanned” page in the form of images or PDF. Another feature is the ability to S Note that convert-handwritten formula in the text.

In general, despite the fact that the industry would seem to put an end to the stylus as input tool, but still fans are loving it. Samsung really managed to turn vestige era of smartphones in terrific tool.

This was all about the reborn S Pen and S note features of Galaxy Note 4. And no doubt, in the upcoming generation devices like Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 6, we would even see something better.