Find The Right Art Frame

A frame is intended to balance and show a piece of art. It is the last aspect that showcases the art in its finest light and helps separate it from anything else for people to admire and contemplate.

Finding the right frame for a work of art without obscuring its character may be hard to do than you think.

Finding and selecting the right type of frame isn’t about properly framing a piece of work and making it appear impressive and one of kind. There are a number of details to take into consideration like the craft, size, density, material and most of all the color you will be choosing, which make an artwork look impressive or a total humiliation.

Sometimes, a client will appreciate an artwork, will be enthralled by it and then will say, “however the frame will not do.” It can be disheartening having to change the frame of an artwork that you have put so much effort and time into the fine art framing. It would be just awesome to find the right frame every single time and not to be troubled with having to change frames.

Well, the truth is that you can’t. Every client has different taste when it comes to art presentation. A great frame may be ideal for one client might not be for another. With this thing in mind, it is highly recommended that you look for frames that you think might do a perfect job of highlighting your work. Some artists will go for simple and minimal frames while other artists will choose elaborate, gold-leafed frames.

Use your creative eye to look for that ideal match for your artwork, or you can ask help from a framer who also has that creative eye in finding the right frame. Even if some of your clients will end up wanting to change the frames, at least you will have an extra frame that you already like and can use for your future works.

It is highly recommended that you aim for consistency. Although not every artwork that you created will be framed in the same manner, however, if you are able to frame your works with consistency, you will make it easy for when it comes to the decision-making process and how you frame will be a part of your trademark. There are artists that limit their frames with 3 to 4 mouldings.

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