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Expert Guide To The Process Of Logo Designing

The process of logo designing varies from one designer to the other. Apart from the basic logo designing steps, all the other techniques are self-oriented and self-structured by the designers. These techniques enable the logo designers to dominate over each other.

Basic Logo Designing Steps

Here are some of the basic logo designing steps, which you will require while designing every logo of your career.

1. Identifying the Aim Code

Aim code is the reason for which the brand owner wants you to design the logo. It is the purpose of a logo. The purpose might direct you to design the logo for launching of a new brand, launching of a new product, offer or service of an established brand, or generating more audience etc.

2. Research

You will need to find out the existing logos in the market, competitor logos and the brand history.

3. Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is the process of conceiving the basic design. For example, your idea is to choose an animal logo for a company with the name of that animal as brand name. You will conceive the idea about how to portray that animal in the logo so that the aim is reflected from the sketch.

4. Digitalization

Sketch the Logo on the computer and put digital effects in the sketch. Utilize the digital benefits including 3D effects, shadow effects etc.

5. Client Feedback

Show the sketch to the client and discuss the feedback with them.

6. Final Revision

Revise the sketch according to the client’s feedback and give final touch to the logo.

7. Submission

Submit the logo to the client in print and digital format.

Expert Logo Designing Techniques

1B. Understanding The Problem

An expert logo designer asks the client to explain the main problem for which he wants a new or redesigned logo. This step is directly connected with the first step of logo designing i.e. identifying the aim code. However, here you ask the brand owner to explain the problem, perspectives of the problem and their focus on a particular perspective.

2B. Extended Research

An expert logo designer providing professional logo design services always researches on a unique perspective of the brand and logo. While making the client brief about the company history, seek something unique and outstanding in the company history. Similarly, designing the logo on existing market trends is an ordinary way of designing the logo. To make a really ‘striking’ logo, you will need to do research on the color perceptions, customer requirements, customer likability and that particular element which will make the logo stand above the other logos of the market.

3B. Sketching

You might wonder that sketching is a part of mind mapping. However, the difference here is that an expert logo designer spends weeks on sketching the logo. Most of the designers believe that once they have conceived the main idea, 3 or 4 sketches will be enough. This is why; they fail to produce expert logos.

4B. Pre-Digitalization

Although, sketching the logo on computer is far easier than hand sketching. However, being an expert and professional logo designer, TheLogoNow recommends to start always with a sketch book and pencil.