Elements Of Modern Web Design

The web is a technology that is constantly evolving, and it can be extremely difficult to keep up with modern trends. While it’s not always necessary to adopt the newest elements in a web design, it can help your site stand out amongst the crowd. There are no doubt hundreds or even thousands of other websites offering similar information or services to yours, so anything that you can do to appear different or more authoritative to your readers can help you.

Modern web design elements like the ones you’ll read about below help you by giving readers an interesting and unique experience while they’re on your site. If you were offered the choice of riding in a brand new sports car or a twenty-year-old sedan, wouldn’t you choose the sports car? While it may seem vain and unnecessary, people like new things and they like to be surprised and delighted. Beyond that, newer web design elements usually begin to trend only when they’re effective at engaging or converting visitors. Take a look at these elements below to see if any spark your interest. If you need help with your web design in Adelaide, you can always hire an experienced designer to help you implement these concepts.


Large Typography

Large typography has been around in print for a long time, but for some reason it’s taken quite a long time to make its way to the web. Large type fonts are generally very easy to implement. However, the key to using this successfully is to use good typographical designs and layouts. In addition to being attractive and modern, large type is great for getting your message across to your visitors quickly. However, it’s important to know what to communicate, and how to communicate that since large typography doesn’t give you room for a lot of words.

Full-Width Hero Images

A hero image generally appears at the top of a homepage, and generally has bold typography over the centre of the image. This is an element that’s commonly used because it’s so attractive, and it’s also relatively easy to implement. This can be extremely effective at engaging your visitors and encouraging them to stick around for a couple of different reasons. For one, large, high-resolution images are attractive, and this gives you the perfect place to use an effective but brief line of copy to communicate what it is that you do. Secondly, the picture itself can be used to give the user an idea of what they can expect from your site, product, or service.

Background Videos

Background videos are generally used in a very similar manner to the large hero images mentioned above. The background video will load at the top of the page and play without audio. Under normal circumstances, other web elements such as typography, an e-mail opt-in, or a button will sit on top of this background video. This is beautiful and extremely effective at capturing a visitor’s attention. However, this particular element can be fairly difficult to implement properly. Videos need to be scaled down, so they load quickly. However, they can’t be compressed so far that they reflect a loss of quality.