Design Overview Of The Smartphone LG G3

LG G3 D855 – a very exciting novelty. The first is a bright screen with an impressive resolution of Quad HD. It’s a big and very big, so LG G3 entered the league of phablets. Although the manufacturer insists that gadget is Superfone. The second advantage is an excellent camera with autofocus laser image and double-LED flash. Let’s learn more about it.

LG G3 – a heavy smartphone. It is worth a vivid 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of record, a great camera with laser autofocus and dual LED-flash, capacious battery 3000 mAh. And it stuffed proprietary software features. LG have turned standing flagship that a number of parameters ahead of their highly successful competitors.

Design and Display

LG G3 – is no exception, because the size and weight of LG G3 – a key moment of its ergonomics. If you try to compare the device with the model-predecessor, it turns out that it is much more. This is understandable, because the increased screen size. This is not the 5.2-inch, like LG G2, and it is a full 5.5 inches.

Dimensions of the new items are as 74,6 x 146,3 x 8,9 mm. It is located somewhere between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Yes, the case for LG G3 smartphone is big, but for 5.5-inch Phablet – far from it. Furthermore, since the frame around the screen model is very narrow, and the casing has a chamfered shape, a gadget compact as possible for its class. And keep it handy.

The device weighs 149 grams. Agree that it is a little to the LG G3 size. Make it easy to get a smartphone thanks to the plastic housing. Surprised that we’re talking about plastic? I’m sure many had expected to feel metal in the flagship metal.

Rear Key concept originated in the minds of the creators LG G3 after analyzing the results of user surveys. But in fact it is polycarbonate, coated with a special metalized film. Externally it is very similar to brushed metal, which is a plus. Among other advantages of this solution plus sign and light weight, good reception, practicality. In addition, in the winter, in the cold, cold plastic does not burn, and yet it does not get hot during prolonged stress, which will be subject to a smartphone.

In LG G3 buttons are flush with the surface of the body, and not protrude above it. Like its predecessors, LG G3 has no buttons on the front and marginalia. Its only control is a Rear Key on the rear of the smartphone. The unit consists of three keys and indicator. It allows you to enable or disable the device, adjust the volume and more. Long tap, you can run the camera and the application QuickMemo. Clicking on the “down” or gesture comfortable doing excellent self.

LG designers have made the frame around the display and yes it is very thin, and the space below and above its minimum. Because of this they were able to fit a huge screen in almost flagship standard dimensions.

In design overview of LG G3, it is pretty interesting and in the coming generations like LG G4 and LG G5 we would witness something better and sleeker.