Confused: Should You Buy Galaxy Note 4 Or Not?

At the launch time Galaxy S5, for the users of S4, to go with Galaxy S5 was not as significant for many users and it criticized the Samsung, but the Korean company has tried to compensate for this with a new Galaxy Note 4. Instead of a small renovation predecessor to the modern level, the manufacturer decided to seriously reconsider Phablet, possibly eliminating gaps and strengthening benefits. In particular, it is evident from the stylus S Pen. A year ago, the pen allows you to more comfortably control Phablet, in many instances it provides significant advantages. Now stylus works even more precisely, in addition to the software have been significant changes, and today with S Pen is much easier to work with text, photos and applications.

Good Display, High Quality Workmanship, Attractive Appearance, Excellent Camera

However, interested users probably the first place to put the new display. Indeed, there is Samsung, and LG as a little earlier, for the first time established on the mobile phone display with a resolution of QHD. Compared with the G3 pixel density decreased slightly due to the long diagonal, but the technology of Super AMOLED in Galaxy Note 4 has significantly improved contrast and color reproduction, and reduce power consumption. Here again used contradictory matrix Pentile, but shortcomings on the backburner. Samsung’s premiere was a success. One can argue about the benefits of resolution 2.560 x 1.440 pixels against 1.920 x 1.080 pixels in everyday scenarios, but technically we are facing one of the best displays ever met in smartphones.

It is a pity that Samsung has not practically changed the battery. The number of pixels of the display has increased significantly, requiring a more powerful backlight SoC also very “greedy”, so Galaxy Note 4 can’t be called an economical Phablet – even compared to its predecessor. In everyday scenarios, the battery life was sufficient, but for display had to pay a hefty price.

TouchWiz UI from Samsung has reached a level that affects the evaluation of the entire smartphone. The addition to the Android is already so complex and resource-intensive that its use affects not only the test results, but also on the everyday sense of the use of the smartphone. One gets the feeling that the fastest SoC was used simply for the reason that without it, it was too difficult to do. You can spend one more parallel with the iPhone 6 (Plus): optimization and efficiency remains elusive for Apple and Samsung.

But overall impression of the Galaxy Note 4 is very positive. This marked improvement in enhanced appearance and design. Phablet looks much better the predecessor, as well as the Galaxy S5, in this respect, it was able to soak up the best of the Galaxy Alpha. So we have not only the most beautiful, but also the best smartphone of Samsung.

Benefits of Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

  • Modern Android
  • Very high quality manufacturing
  • High-detail display with good color and excellent contrast
  • Memory can be expanded
  • Removable battery
  • Modern equipment
  • Superior S Pen stylus
  • New features of the stylus
  • Convincing camera
  • Fast charging
  • Good battery life

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

  • It is not always clear and user-friendly software
  • TouchWiz interface slows down the system

We would conclude in favor of Galaxy Note 4 as it contains lots of advancement and amazing specifications, but its price might force you to think, that it is very expensive smartphone. If you can’t afford Note 4 at present, then wait for Galaxy Note 5 release date and till then Note 4 would be available for lesser price for sure.