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The internet is a vast expanse of ever-growing information. There is no limit to the extent to which it can grow and reach. With this growth of the internet, the information that it conveys is actually reaching enormous quantities, that finding the necessary information becomes a tedious task. This is where the search engines come into picture – all that a layman needs to do is to plunge in the required subject in the search bar of the search engine websites like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Bing and more. Instantaneously, the results of the search are displayed.

Search Engines to the Rescue

There are thousands of websites pertaining to every single subject on the internet today. Whether you are looking for information on a topic to study like medicine or subjects like yoga, health, fitness, information technology and more – the World Wide Web acts as a true resource for all the information that you need in a single click of the mouse! However, choosing the best website from them becomes a difficult task, and this is performed by internet search engines. Search engines use algorithms to scan through thousands of web pages every minute and list the most relevant of them based on the search query.

Finding yourself among the top ranks is difficult, as it greatly depends on whether you meet the selection criteria put forward by these search engines. Hence, a whole realm was developed that tries to understand and exploit what the search engines look for. Thus, pages that cater to the information that is sought out by search engines were created.

Black Hat and White Hat—what the terms imply

As with any other area that has loopholes, experts on SEO techniques discovered areas to enter and exploit to make it to the top rankings of search engine. While search engines prioritize results based on the quality of material that is available on a website, understanding the way the search spiders crawl through pages and pick the ones that make it to the top will enable a website owner to prepare his website in such a manner that it meets the search criteria.

White hat refers to performing the task in a straightforward and clear-cut manner, so as to actually garner the top positions in a search. Black hat on the other hand, refers to simplifying the process so that they particularly meet the important criteria and accordingly gather a higher ranking.—what it is All About?

These experts, who study and make use of the various blackhat methods that help to penetrate the internet ranks, hold discussions. This community is actively involved in exploring the nuances that they can use to overpower search engines. is a forum where many blackhat SEO experts meet together and convene to discuss the latest updates and innovations in this field of the internet.

Armed with the ultimate goal of mastering everything pertaining to the search method employed by the leading search engines of the world, the focuses on researching not just SEO methods, but also hacking internet security mechanisms as well.

It is interesting to note that the forums are frequented by not just blackhat SEO’s, they are a hub often frequented by white hat SEO’s as well. The reason is interesting—unless these people know what is happening on the blackhat end, they cannot counteract with effective white hat methods that will keep their ranks in place. Hence it is an active, bustling place where discussions regarding internet security, system hacks and more are actively discussed and knowledge is shared and gained. It is in fact, a place to learn the latest updates, information security risks, researches and trends.