Best Tech Gifts To Get Your Significant Other

It’s that time of year again, when boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, scramble to find the absolute perfect gift for the most important man or woman in their lives. While traditional gifts like golf clubs, chocolate, and romantic dinners are always a safe bet, you can make this day truly special by getting your significant other one of the many new and exciting technology devices as a gift instead.

While chocolates, flowers, and dinners are quickly gone and forgotten, the perfect tech gift will still be getting regular use the next time this day comes around!

The following are a few highly rated gift ideas.

High-Quality Headphones

Now that almost everyone has a smartphone, the question becomes which accessories will best benefit the user? In addition to their many other functions, smartphones are also fantastic music players. Unlike the old CD players or even iPods, smartphones are truly portable and always with you. Unfortunately, the speakers that come with most smartphones (if you get headphones at all) aren’t the best quality, and many users don’t think to buy themselves another pair.

This makes a pair of high-quality headphones the perfect! Contrary to what some might tell you, it isn’t necessary to break the bank to find a high quality pair of headphones. There are a number of affordable options available, however one of the standout best values are the Bose AE2i headphones. Retailing between $99 and $149, these headphones have fantastic and balanced audio, and they won’t set you back $300 like some of the other models.


There is probably no faster way to a man’s heart than through a shiny new television. Thanks to technological developments in producing inexpensive LEDs, as well as the gradual shift towards 4K televisions, it is more affordable to purchase a television than ever before. It is no longer necessary to shell out $1000 or more for a HDTV, as there are numerous models from top brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG available for as little as $400 to $500.

“If you don’t need the absolute bleeding-edge of television technology with 4K screens, now is the best time in history to get a dazzlingly sharp 1080p HDTV from one of the big brands, who are concerned about selling off their inventory before 4K takes over completely,” technology expert said. Cnet had a great article in December 2013 about some of the best values on the market, and is a great place to start your search.


If your significant other doesn’t already have an iPad or Android tablet, now is a great time to buy one for them. Unless you are a technology buff or need one for work, tablets aren’t typically the type of device that someone will purchase on a whim.

However, with their wide variety of uses, tablets make the perfect gift. Whether your significant other is an avid reader, likes surfing the internet from bed or the couch, or would simply like to have one of the most technologically advanced devices on the market, a tablet is a gift they won’t soon forget!

Portable Speaker

If the idea of listening to music together with your loved one is more appealing than simply getting them headphones, then getting portable speakers might be the way to go. Thanks to increased component miniaturization and advances in Bluetooth technology, there are now several excellent portable speaker options to choose from. Bose again finds itself as one of the industry leaders.

Their Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II offers arguably the best audio quality currently on the market. If you don’t feel like spending $300 on portable speakers, JBL offers several less expensive but still high-quality speakers. One of the most highly reviewed options of the JBL Flip, which can be found for under $100.

Whatever gift you ultimately choose for your significant other, it is important to remember that the gift is merely a token of the love you have for each other. Nevertheless, it is nice to be able to occasionally surprise and delight them with a gift that is truly special.

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