Aspire Nautilus Review

There has been a buzz around the launch of the Aspire Nautilus tank released earlier this year with many saying it is the last tank system they will ever purchase. If you are considering buying it, check out this review by vaping experts, Grey Haze ECig Store, who give us a breakdown of its features and functions.

In short, the Aspire Nautilus Tank is a chimney style tank system with an adjustable four-setting airflow control. The heads are the newly designed Aspire BDC (bottom fed dual coil) replaceable units and the tank, which holds 5ml of juice, is made of Pyrex. If this sounds like the kind of tank for you then read on to learn about its other features.


The 5ml tank takes a lot of juice, so it does not need filling very often. It is also very simple to fill up – you simply turn it upside down and unscrew the base to remove it from the rest of the tank. You are then ready to fill. When you are finished, you can screw the unit back together. You will feel the Pyrex tank section pressing against rubber on the base. It will take one big squeeze which requires a little force. Then you are ready to vape. From our use, we have not experienced any leakage at all, it seems that it is made of good stuff.

Drip Tip

The drip tip is made from stainless steel and features a rubber sealing ring. The attachment area is a little bit too big for our favourite attachments, but they still fit. Yet this does not seem to affect the usage too much.

Upper Hardwear

These heads are well made, but considering the price of the unit, they are a little more expensive than we would expect. We think this is because Aspire heads actually last longer than many other brands. So it actually works out cheaper than having a reoccurring cost. The heads are also re-buildable and there are demos available on YouTube about this.


The drip tip connection is a bit large (as fore mentioned) and there was also some trouble with several drip tips. The Air Flow adjustment can also be a little stiff at times. However, this could also be desirable as it stays on the setting you choose.

The Aspire Nautilus Glassomizer is a fantastic system overall. It has lots of features and can be adjusted in just about any way you can imagine.