Apple TV – A Lightweight and Small Entertainment Package

For an electronic giant like Apple, any new gadget is met with fascination. The obvious reason is popularity of their iPhones, which sets the company at a very redeeming status. Today, we will talk about what else the company is bringing to your home screens with Apple TV and Web Services, that make Apple the best in its class.

Apple TV is your own all in one package for your entertainment needs. It integrates and collaborates with your home theater, mobile phone and personal computer.

Connecting Your World

With Apple TV, you can get access to thousands of movies, TV shows, sports, music, radio streams and much more. It allows you to connect your TV with any iOS operated device including iPad, Mac and iPhone. You can use iCloud Photo Sharing to view your photos, videos and send them to your friends and family owning an Apple TV device. Your latest photos taken with iPhone automatically transfer to your TV with the power of My Photo Streams without syncing or sending. AirPlay lets you use contents of iPhone, iPod touch and Mac on your HDTV, so nothing stored on any of your device is really out of your reach. The last but not the least, enjoy wireless gaming with Airplay, with G-sensors.

Fetch up Stuff from iTunes and iTunes Extra

Supersize your iTunes experience and get hold to the latest from iTunes Extra. Alternatively, you can switch to portals like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO and many other portals outside Apple’s resources. Access millions of videos and live streams from youtube, keep yourself updated on hot and happening news with ABC news, Fox Now or get the latest feed from your favorite sports channels like ESPN, NBA and NFL.

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What to Expect from Apple Web TV?

Apple is already up and running on its plans to bring in a Web TV service like Dish’s Sling TV. The strategy of how will it work is going through its preliminary phases, as talks with TV programmers about providing a Web-based pay TV service are still in progress. The plot is similar to what Dish’s Sling TV and Sony’s upcoming service are rumored to be introducing. However, with Apple there is always a catch; you are not going to get an entire row of programming but bundle packages that will be directly sold to customers over the Internet. There is no news on timing and pricing so far. According to the tech giant, this will make Apple not a TV, but a whole new version of entertainment innovation. Well, let’s wait and see how it adds up to the equation.

Resolving the TV Problem

According to company’s senior vice president of Internet software and services, TV problem is hard to solve without any standard disparate system with a bunch of providers. Now that’s true, there are lots of right’s issues, but again there is no clear cue from the iPhone maker that how is it going to solve this issue.

Apple TV until Now

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, over 25 million units of Apple TV box have been sold. The $99 dollar piece has not received any major upgrade since the third-generation model that appeared back in 2012. Bear in mind, the upcoming Apple’s Web TV service is still not a hardware modification. However, it was still sold like hot cakes.

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