An Infusionsoft Certified Developer Explains The Common Tricks and Tips

This article explains the experience of an Infusionsoft Certified Developer (ICC) in dealing with Infusionsoft applications. While as a certified developer, the expert dedicate the entire time either creating new application or maintaining applications of clients. Doing this the developer had to encounter different aspects of the software every day. These are not the problem area, however, the software really work wonder in the applications. They are pretty big thing when you are introduced to the best end result of the product possible and tying to stay efficient and get it done at the first time. Below are outlined some of the common nuances and how to deal with it.

  • When carrying out Infusionsoft applications, always use Firefox. Although the web browsers Internet Explorer and Chrome are operating nowadays, it is recommended to put up with Firefox when you are working with Infusionsoft application. To be precise, you can utilize IE to work in your Infusionsoft application. Indeed, all the programming associated with Infusionsoft works through Firefox web browser and doesn’t work with other browsers such as Chrome or IE yet.
  • The other tip is never copy paste an HTML email into the email builder. The developer here explained that one of the clients had done this and then he end up spending a lot of time trying to fix the issue for the rest of the time. He tried his best to formatting the email he was trying to build and finally had to break it without being and started it all over again. It seems like a simple task to prep an email, but the whole thing turns out to be a total mess. It requires time and dedication to prep an email properly.
  • The best thing to do in this regard is putting the copy into text software before pasting it to the HTML email builder. Microsoft word copy isn’t a plain text that you can copy perfectly. When you copy Word and paste in into your Infusionsoft application you will see the change that the formatting will be ‘off’ and the symbols will change its form. If you have a copy in Word file, then copy and paste in into Notepad and then copy it into your Infusionsoft HTML email builder for effective result.
  • Finally, make it sure that everyone that has a user account has the knowledge of the software nuances and takes steps to stay away from them. An effective Infusionsoft application can include 5 users so 5 different people are involved in the application process. It is frustrating that prepping such a big thing properly and then other people gets access to it and change a thing or two and does mess with some of the formatting. It is dangerous in the sense that emails may go out to the wrong address, causing a real frustration to the users.

The tips will surely help Infusionsoft certified developers to be concerned with the issues of the software applications.