Air Conditioning – Our Top Tips On How To Run Your Air Con Efficiently

Summer months are approaching fast and the temperature is beginning to rise. However so can your household bills if your air conditioner is not running efficiently and needs a service. Here are our top tips from air con installation experts, Breeze Installations, on how not to get in a sweat this summer and save money at the same time.

Clean that Filter and get a Regular Service:

The first sign of an inefficient system is a clogged or dirty filter. This happens because dirt in the air blocks the evaporator coil and is no longer able to absorb heat effectively. A clean filter uses 10 percent less energy than a dirty one. Getting a regular service is essential to keep a check on that wasted energy. It will also help keep your unit working for longer too.

Your Air Conditioner needs Air:

Make sure your unit has plenty of space to circulate both inside and outside. Furniture blocking the flow will make your system less effective. The outside unit should also be fitted in a shady place to prevent it heating up in the sunshine. In winter, when your system is not being used, cover the outside to protect it from the elements and keep it in top form. Using fans inside can also be of great benefit, they circulate the air which helps efficiency and they have their own bonus cooling effect. Meaning you will be able to set that thermostat a little bit higher and save energy.

Check your Office or House Insulation:

Good insulation is not just for those cold winter days. It is also beneficial for summer as it keeps the heat out. Get a professional to go over the duct work in your house as it normally the biggest cause of inefficient heating and cooling systems. It is also important to remember to close those curtains in bright sunlight and open them at night to let heat escape through your windows.

Buy a New One:

Although the life span of an air conditioning system is between around 10 to 15 years, it may be more cost effective for you to buy a newer unit than struggle on with an inefficient one. A new system installation could slash your bills by 20 percent meaning you could make your money back in no time. When shopping around for an air conditioning service, check the room size and ask for advice on how big and powerful your unit needs to be so there is no energy wastage.

If you have any questions about your air conditioning, please do not hesitate to contact Breeze Installations of Birmingham.