A Guide To Choosing The Right Online Form Builder

Online forms have become almost a must-have for capturing data from a wide range of sources in different types of industries and environments. The data can then be stored in spreadsheets or databases. For better results, it must be stored on a single integrated database. You will need a sophisticated and comprehensive online form builder with lots of features to help create successful forms. So what should you look for when choosing the right form builder?

It Must Be Easy to Use

Effective form builders will take away all the programming aspect and simplify the task for you. all that you have to do is to specify the fields that need to be added to the form and arrange them the way you want them. This can help in creating a professional looking form in minutes.

A good system will allow you to easily integrate the forms into your existing landing page without any difficulty.

Some of the other main features to look for include:

  • Capturing data
  • Accessing previous data with utmost ease
  • Easily updating and editing of forms
  • Segmenting and personalizing communication
  • Ease of use
  • Conducting surveys
  • Schedule delivery feature


This is one of the main features you should look for. The form builder must allow you to customize your forms. You shouldn’t just be able to create the most basic fields, there shouldn’t be any issue in creating advanced fields. You should also be able to adapt your form to suit the aesthetics of your site or brand. This is possible only when there is more flexibility with design and wider choice of template availability.

Effectively Bridging Gap Between Spreadsheet & Database

Spreadsheet solutions can be great tools for data crunching. All you have to do is create new spreadsheet, enter your data and sort or use other tools for data analysis. But things can become complicated when such spreadsheets develop into applications that should have been implemented as a database from the beginning.

This is where an online form builder should help you. It should allow you to turn your spreadsheet data into database data.

Sharing Data With Ease

A good form builder should make it easy to create forms. They should also have simple yet effective form relationship features allowing you and your teams to instantly create a lighter database. You should be able to do so without the need for any programming knowledge or help.