9 Must Have Sports Apps For Sports Fans

Some sports fans are downright obsessed with their favorite teams. While I personally am not obsessed, I do like to keep up with the latest news and standings. Because of the way sports rotate through the calendar year, there is no shortage of games to hold my attention.

Sports Are a Year Round Event

Football generally starts in August with playoffs ending in late January or early February. Basketball and ice hockey both start in the middle of football season, and ends just in time for baseball. Baseball runs from late spring to late into the autumn with postseason games.

If I cannot find any other games to watch on television, then I can always tune into some type of sport, like automobile racing, soccer, tennis, or golf to pass the time. Thanks to the magic of cable, there are more sports-related channels on my television than in any other category of programming.

Apps to Keep You Amused and Informed

But what happens when you are on the go and you cannot get to a television or your laptop? This is where your cellphone becomes your new best friend, regardless if you have an iPhone or a smartphone powered by Android or Windows.

There is a wide range of sports-themes apps to keep you informed, entertained, and amused. They provide live streaming action, let you update your fantasy teams, and offer extreme silliness to help relieve stress. Here are my favorite sports apps, and a description of each one.

  • Yahoo! Fantasy Football

When you’re away from your computer and can’t refresh the page on your fantasy team, this app will let you check in from wherever you can get a WiFi signal.

  • Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff

Put yourself in the kicker’s shoes with the touch of a finger with this app. It has all the nervous anxiety of trying to kick a field goal under pressure without having to leave your couch.

  • ESPN Fantasy Baseball

Don’t let NFL fans have all the fantasy fun. From information to make draft picks to other selections necessary to update your team. It will keep you busy for the whole season.

  • Pitching Hand: How to Throw a Pitch

Whether you play baseball or are just a spectator of MLB games, this app uses a combination of photos and descriptions to reveal 20 common baseball pitches. It works for both right handers and southpaws.

  • Golfplan with Paul Azinger

Produced by Shotzoom Software, this handy app is perfect for golfers looking for tips to help lower their score and improve their game overall, as it offers more than two dozen video drills.

  • NCAA March Madness on Demand

Unlike previous versions, the most current one is fee-free. Streaming live games means you no longer have to miss a minute of the action due to waiting for the bus or subway, working overtime, or dinner with the inlaws.

  • NBA Mini-Bobble LeBron James

Do you ever get so frustrated while watching basketball that you just want to shake the person dribbling the ball? This handy dandy app lets you bobble poor LeBron’s head back and forth as much as you like.

  • CBC Hockey

This could be the most useful app that technology has to offer for hockey fans. Get instant access to live scores as well as results and statistics from any game in the history of hockey.

  • CornHole!

While corn hole is more of a backyard or beach activity than a sport, everyone who has ever played agrees that it takes a lot of skill to throw the beanbag into the desired target.

The Best Feature of Sports Apps

Perhaps the best feature of these sports apps are the price. The ones that have a fee are so reasonable that most of them come in at less than the price of a bottle of soda or a hot dog at your local convenience mart. You can bet that these apps are far more convenient where sporting is concerned.

You can learn more about these apps and others by checking out the store section on your internet-ready device of choice. One of the ones above might be the grand slam that keeps you on top of your game when away from your television, or you might find one that you like even better.

Denver freelancer Benjamin Baker is addicted to two things, writing and his family. He and his wife have three teenage sons who keep them on their toes. When it comes to sports, he and his sons often visit www.itisallaboutsports.com to stay current on the latest news about their favorite Florida teams. In his free time Benjamin enjoys camping, fly fishing, and playing guitar.